There’s quite a bit of refinement and UI polish that went into this release. There are probably 20 little things that have changed in the UI to make the experience of using Pandora just a little nicer. For example, the player finally gives you an idea of how long it’s going to take to finish loading when you first visit the site. When you email a station to a friend, there’s a confirmation panel to tell you that it’s on its way. When you mouse over a song “slide” you get a little halo to let you know that something will happen when you click. In fact, there’s a halo effect on lots of things. Truth be told, we went a little halo crazy this release.
We love this stuff, and we have a list a mile long of other little things we want to refine. You can bet that we’ll be working on these over time. The thing is that we really want your experience with Pandora to be an entirely delightful one and we’re big believers that the little stuff really does matter.


  1. giannino capriccio
    February 03, 2006 at 7:54am
    The projects is very good, but I have a problem with the volume of songs: it's not uniform and i often have to adjust the volume on the stereo set attached to my notebook. bye
  2. Dominik
    February 03, 2006 at 10:37am
    i would love to see the album name together with the song-artist stuff. that would be a cool feature too
  3. David Kugel
    February 03, 2006 at 11:45am
    I will swear by this site. Its the best thing i've found on the web in a loooooong time. I use it constantly when im at home. Thanks guys.. You've just made my 20 Gigabyte MP3 library obsolete :P and also thanks to you, life in Minnesota has never been better.
  4. Cristian
    February 03, 2006 at 3:01pm
    First of all, kudos for the crew behind - awesome idea, great implementation! About the all-new UI update... The good thing - it has a 'loading' progressbar ...and, unfortunately, the BAD thing... An annoying problem has come up since this upgrade (it wasn't here a couple of days ago) The player uses up 100% processor power when I'm hovering my mouse over it, which makes the mouse pointer itself annoyingly unresponsive. My box is a decent one, and there was nothing else causing the processor load. The OS is WinXP Pro. This happened in IE with Flash player v7 (a pretty common setup, I guess). The same problem occurs (to a lesser extent -> proc @ 45-50%) in Opera with Flash Player v8. I think the brand-new halo effect has something to do with it. I have a couple of suggestions, as some other users have already pointed out: - a 'track time left' indicator (or progress-bar) - album (and year?) next to artist -> maybe make this customizable That's about it.
  5. Knight
    February 03, 2006 at 4:48pm
    It looks like the processor drain is indeed linked to the new halo effect. Here's what I've found: First, I'm on 1GHz G4 running MacOS 10.4.4, with 1gb DDR SDRAM; using Firefox (latest update). At standard workload, with pandora and a few various apps in the background, my processor use hovers between 30% and 50%. I can click on and hold my mouse over the empty areas of the player with no effect on the processor load. So far, so good. The very instant I mouse over a 'glow' zone, my processor use spikes to about 75%. If I run my mouse across more than one, the load hits 100%. If I (god forbid) run my mouse over THREE (like, say casually moving the cursor across the three songs displayed, or down my station list), there's actually a noticable slowdown in the glow appear/fade animation (not to mention anything else running on my computer at the time). Pretty new animations, guys, but I think you might want to tone back the SFX detail just a tad. ;)
  6. brooks
    February 03, 2006 at 5:15pm
    I want to see the song title and artist texts resize themself. they often are overlapped by the cover art, which is hard to resize, but much of the artist or song text is cut off. you should fix this minor but annoying issue. it would make for a more clean and professional feel to the player.
  7. HyPerr
    February 03, 2006 at 8:01pm
    Pandora is the Best Thing i found on the net so far!!! just one little thing: is it possible to have a music genre option? the thing is that i like the way it plays tracks according to a band or a song but sometimes it mixes it up with so many genres that it becomes annoying (but interesting sometimes). i mean it's not a big deal but sometimes i don't want to get Punk with Electro mixed all together, and no matter how i tell the software "i don't like this song" i keep getting different genres. so what i do now to get over this problem is to keep changing the band or the song of the station to close ones until i get a station with one genre only (sometimes two but close ones). thanks to the great great Pandora i discovered so many bands that i was looking for
  8. Joe W
    February 04, 2006 at 12:30pm
    Please take the halo off. It is really ugly and slow. I liked how the player looked before
  9. pinko
    February 04, 2006 at 8:55pm
    The halo ... slow? I don't understand that comment. The halo doesn't actually slow anything down. It serves a purpose, too. I still long for a standalone Pandora player, though...
  10. Dan B
    February 05, 2006 at 8:11pm
    Hi. Pandora is so awesome. One thing that I think would make it better would be if you had some direct control over the characteristics that are being used as search criteria. For example, if I'm listening to some Ska, and everything is in a major key, it'd be cool to be able to ask Pandora to keep doing what it's doing, but to start playing minor ska songs, or only minor ska songs. Anyways, thanks for the super awesome site.

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