This is one that a lot of our listeners have been asking for… with this release we’ve added basic keyboard navigation to Pandora. You can now control music playback from your keyboard:
spacebar: Toggle Play / Pause
right-arrow: Skip to the Next Song
plus: I Like this Song
minus: I Don’t Like this Song
up-arrow: Raise Volume
down-arrow: Lower Volume
shift + up-arrow: Full Volume
shift + down-arrow: Mute
There is one important caveat: thanks to the wonderful world of web browsers, the keyboard navigation only works if our player has “focus.” This means that you need to click the player once before the keyboard shortcuts work. If you click outside the player on the page, you’ll have to click back in the player again to use the keyboard equivalents. We’ll work on refining this (and adding more keyboard shortcuts) over time.


  1. Dan
    February 02, 2006 at 3:45am
    Well that's pritty cool, keep up the good work, this site is great! Thanks
  2. Sardious
    February 02, 2006 at 5:22am
    I like the new keyboard short cuts. I do very much miss being able to see the "why did you play this song" I knew what songs I liked but never thought about WHY. I found out that i liked "dirty guitar rifts" a lot, and that I seem to prefer a "gritty male vocal"...who knew (I thought I liked good singer voiced not the gritty ones and I never new guitar was so important). In recent year I have liked a more female different sound, like eveanescence or plumb type sound. I wonder what made some like them stand out over the many others in a similar style?
  3. Matt Brown
    February 02, 2006 at 6:20pm
    Love it. As always... Is there a way that we can disable this feature? I'm worried that I'll accidently affect my stations. Thanks, Matt
  4. Matt Baker
    February 03, 2006 at 9:32am
    I like the upgrades, but I have one desire in terms of control. Mozilla and Firefox have an extension called FoxyTunes that lets you control various media players from a bar on your browser. Pandora's media player doesn't seem to be supported.
  5. Ralf G.
    February 03, 2006 at 4:48pm
    A big THANK YOU also from me for your wonderful service in general and for all the big and small enhancements of this upgrade. It's about 01:45 a.m. early Saturday morning here in Germany and I just can't cease from trying out and discovering musical treasures!!! I'd like to suggest that you copy the whole description of the keyboard navigation as a new item into the FAQ. So it won't get lost in the past of the blog - future users will be thankful ... (Of course also the other new features like sharing, favourites, linking etc. should be documented in the FAQ!) As to Matt Brown's concern about accidentally spoiling stations by keyboard actions, maybe an on/off-button on the top edge of the grey frame of the player would help? - To gain some space there, the play and pause buttons could be merged into one single button. (See this item also in my emails to Vic Wong @ the support team with some more ideas!) Best regards, I'll stay tuned and recommend Pandora to everybody :-D Ralf
  6. minijonb
    February 04, 2006 at 12:18pm
    Thanks! These shortcuts are great... however, I REALLY want one for "Why did you play this song?" --- This is the feature I use most often, and my fingers are crying for a keyboard shortcut. Please, please, please add one (W, shift-W, atl-shift-~... I don't care what keys, just add it!) Thanks again, Jon B
  7. Vipin
    February 04, 2006 at 6:27pm
    Hi, First of all,let me just say that this Pandora is just awesome! :), and all the recent upgrades are great too. Regarding shortcuts (keyboard or otherwise),I just had a couple of suggestion. I've been constantly adding artists and songs to my station, and i think it would be really helpful if you could reduce the number of clicks required to add a new artist/song to the station. Currently, I have to click the Station Name , then click "Add more music to this station",then click inside the text box which appears (since the keyboard tab key does not work to put focus on the field), and then enter the artist name and click 'Add') . Now this may not seem sucha big deal if you only add a couple of artists at a time, but if you're anything like me (I've added more than 200 bands to my station), it gets a little annoying to have to go through so many clicks just to add an artist.So if there was a keyboard shortcut to load up the "add artist" screen with the focus already on the input text field, that would be awesome. another followup enhancement could be,when the confirmation screen comes up saying "We've now added songs similar to ...", if that screen could also contain the "add artist" input field so that I could immediately add another artist without having to click on my station, click "add more artists"... etc, that would be very helpful. Thanks, Vipin
  8. michael kingery
    February 04, 2006 at 9:08pm
    now all we need is a stand alone application... or better yet, iTunes integration @_@
  9. Vinay
    February 04, 2006 at 9:24pm
    Pandora is freaking amazing.. a suggestion, though: is it possible to pick one artist, and let Pandora play just that one artist? Thanks! And keep up the great work!
  10. Owens
    February 05, 2006 at 7:35pm
    Wow, good job guys. The keyboard shorcuts make it 10X better! I give you kudos, major kudos ^_^

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