In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the powerful  contributions that women have made to music and comedy. From country, reggae, punk, pop, metal, hip hop, and electronic, we’re highlighting the top female talent, stations and playlists on Pandora.

Top female artists on Pandora:

  1. Rihanna: 12.8 billion spins
  2. Taylor Swift: 8.2 billion spins
  3. Beyonce: 7.3 billion spins
  4. Adele: 7.2 billion spins
  5. Nicki Minaj: 5.7 billion spins
  6. Katy Perry: 4.9 billion spins
  7. Mariah Carey: 4.4 billion spins
  8. Carrie Underwood: 3.6 billion spins
  9. Alicia Keys: 3.3 billion spins
  10. Selena Gomez: 3.2 billion spins

Top female comedians on Pandora:

  1. Amy Schumer: 50 million spins
  2. Margaret Cho: 10.2 million spins
  3. Sarah Silverman: 6.1 million spins
  4. Tina Fey: 1.4 million spins
  5. Tiffany Haddish: 1.3 million spins

Pandora Premium Playlists:

  • Amy Schumer vs. Sarah Silverman: Amy and Sarah go joke for joke on this playlist featuring the best bits from these two comedy greats.
  • Hard Rockin’ Ladies: Dedicated to all  the female musicians that break the mold and rock out.
  • Indie Girl Power: Highlights the vat of female talent in the indie scene.
  • Nasty Women Comedy: Support the movement with this playlist featuring brash, bold and nasty women comedians.
  • Girl Power: Get familiar with the Queens of pop, featuring Fergie, Shakira, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and more.
  • The Ladies: Dedicated to all the ladies who illuminate the realm of rhythm and blues.
  • Rising Women in Country: The best new female country artists, all in one place.

Pandora Stations:

  • Women in Reggae: Reggae’s top ladies, fearlessly breaking through barriers and spreading messages of empowerment, from the queens of rocksteady to the latest generation of voices from all over the world.
  • Women in Hip Hop: Dedicated to all of the females on the mic and behind the beats– from MCs to DJs and producers.
  • Riot Grrrl: Highlighting the early 1990s movement by the same name and pioneered by underground, hardcore punk, feminist bands from around the world.
  • Women In Metal: Featuring the legion of forceful female headbangers who helped forge the rich history of heavy metal over the last half century and who continue to push the boundaries of extreme music today.
  • Women In Comedy: A collection of the best, brightest and (most importantly) the funniest in female comedians, including Tiffany Hadish, Ali Wong, Leslie Jones, Ellen Degeneres, and Amy Schumer. Perfect for that Thelma & Louise inspired road trip with your BFF.
  • Women in Electronic Music: Featuring the dynamic and lasting impact of females in electronic and dance music – From festival bangers, to techno’s cutting edge,  to modern dance floor anthems, to new a future sounds.


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