OK, first things first. A shout out to Chris K visiting from Royal Oak, MI who was the first to ever ask about how to set up Pandora for music at a funeral parlor. Love it! Chris, who runs a funeral home, was also kind enough to teach me the funeral director handshake…see below. Notice the extended index finger (feeling for a pulse 🙂
Palo Alto Town Hall 3Low.jpg
The West Coast swing started off at Santa Monica public library – a beautiful building in downtown Santa Monica. A full house, courtesy of an amenable security guard who turned a blind eye to the fire code…

Santa Monica 4.jpg
Santa Monica 1.jpg
Santa Monica 2.jpg
Not surprisingly a good number of musicians in attendance – left with a large pile of CDs.
Santa Monica 5.jpg
Santa Monica 3.jpg
Palo Alto town hall was a lovely california evening at Lucie Stern community center. Perfect spot for some casual conversation.
Palo Alto Town Hall 1Low.jpg
Palo Alto Town Hall 4Low.jpg
Great fun to see some familiar faces….
Palo Alto Town Hall 6Low.jpg
Palo Alto Town Hall 5Low.jpg
Palo Alto Town Hall 2Low.jpg
Next stop is a town hall at Pixar, in neighboring Emeryville. Can’t wait to meet Woody!
Tim (Founder)


  1. eric
    July 23, 2008 at 12:45pm
    the show was aesome and i enjoyed that night a lot. i forgot my digicam so i am really glad you posted some shots.
  2. Roland
    July 27, 2008 at 7:26am
    I was performing up in Bellingham WA the other night. I do an acoustic guitar singer songer writer set up there, once or twice a month I perform. Anyway I had a house of 30 which was rare. The average was 20, I was leading up to an song I wrote called Breathless and I said "How many folks out there are into Pandora.com? " 27 raised thier hands. I went on to say. "Its funny how other songs can inspire to write a song and I was listening to Pandora one evening and a song came on I never heard before and my pencil started working." Well heres to inspiration and I'm not advertising but heres to the artist on Pandora.com." The crowd applauded and started singing and playing. Thanks Guys
  3. Lucia @ Pandora
    July 28, 2008 at 5:30pm
    Wow, that's so cool, Roland! Thanks for telling us the story! I love stories like that. Glad we could help with the inspiration. Best, Lucia, with Pandora

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