Here’s one more in our series of blog posts that showcase some of our Music Analysts. Much of the musical output of Pandora staff doesn’t happen to be in our collection, but we thought you might like to know of some Pandora stations that feature the men and women who analyze all of the music you listen to! (click here for the first , second and third Analyst spotlights.)
Jeff Anthony, Pandora’s percussionist extraordinaire (pictured here), has quite the impressive resume. In addition to playing live with all manner of accomplished musicians, he shows up playing the drums on the following Pandora stations. Sheryl Crow: I think you may have heard of her? Jeff drums on her C’mon C’mon album, a personal favorite of mine. He also plays with the all-Pandora band Michael Zapruder’s Rain of Frogs, who just released a new CD (more on them next week). You can find him on the Dahlia station, which is an electronic duo, and on the Tom Varley and the Sun Dogs station, who describe themselves as “good ol’ fashion tiki bar music from Portland.”
Jeff’s drumming can also be found on a Jenny Kerr station, which features roots & blues harmonica-driven Americana. He spent much of last year touring internationally with the Eric McFadden Trio, a brilliant, frighteningly unique psycho rock band that’s difficult not to love. (update: Jeff tells me that he also did a lot of touring internationally with Chuck Prophet last year.)
Evan Francis, who may well win the prize for Smilingest Music Analyst, shows up on several Pandora stations as well. He plays sax in The Ian Carey Quintet, which is jazz, and also with The Industrial Jazz Group. You can also hear him on Spaceheater radio, in the vein of instrumental hiphop/downtempo electronica.
Marina Garza, one of our newest hires, is one of our Latin Music Specialists. She plays with the Orquesta D’Soul, which she describes as Latin Salsa Pop. I notice that Pandora refers to their music as having “danceable grooves.” I concur.
Tom Griesser plays sax in the Brass Monkey Brass Band, a high-octane 8-piece ensemble in the style of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and the ReBirth Brass Band, with a lineup of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, tuba, and drums. In addition to their fiery original compositions, their repertoire ranges from traditional New Orleans favorites such as “When The Saints Go Marching In” to renditions of tunes by Zappa and Led Zeppelin.


  1. New
    July 14, 2006 at 1:23am
    CHARMING website! Unfortunately I can't meet your team in your trip, b/c your route simply don't pass my country--I'm Chinese.<(; ^ ー^)
  2. Tony Milan
    July 14, 2006 at 1:34am
    Love the site, only found out about it 2 days ago from a friend
  3. Lerch
    July 14, 2006 at 5:24am
    Is saxophonist Evan Francis the same saxophonist Evan Francis that played with Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins on the Dancing album? And plays flute?
  4. Rich VB
    July 14, 2006 at 9:36am
    Just came across your service today. Love it. Makes my Rhapsody subscription more valuable, too. Just a thought......
  5. Adrienne Scott
    July 14, 2006 at 1:06pm
    I am a music lover! Your site is the best. I only been listening to it for 3 days. I have told all of my friends! Keep up the great work:)
  6. Bora
    July 14, 2006 at 2:37pm
    the player and the idea are great. but the design and colors could be more fancy (maybe user definied player, different colors, functions,...just individual). thank you for the possibility to listen.
  7. evan francis
    July 14, 2006 at 5:03pm
    what up, lerch? yeah, its me. how're things? evan
  8. The Dude
    July 14, 2006 at 7:44pm
    Pandora is pretty sweet and I enjoy finding new music. I have a potential suggestion instead of just having the choices of "I like it" or "don't like it" for rating music maybe you guys could have a further category "It is o.k., but i would like more" and then a further menu appears with the traits of the radio station that the song comes from.Then the user clicks on the traits they want and more music like that is played. I understand that potentially this could provide a problem because the song that is already being played supposedly fits into that category has those traits, but also maybe instead of traits that fit that station, there could be a stock list of traits that the user can choose from. A similar menu could be applied for "I like it" and "I don't like it," but with the added caption "because." Your service is good even without these additions, but this is just something I thought might be cool. Also if what I said is confusing, I can explain it better.
  9. Cristina
    July 15, 2006 at 2:51am
    Just wanted to say I love you guys, too. A friend told me about it last year, and it was a godsent. Been loving it ever since. Have you heard of Devil Doll? Give them/her a listen!
  10. Juan Carlos
    July 17, 2006 at 12:51pm
    Hi, I´m from Ecuador (Southamerica) pandora to me is the greatest invention in the internet since Napster. but i think you´ll need more analysis with the music in spanish, the depuration es quite poor, there´s lot of kind of music all over latinamerica, so it must need even more analysis than the other music. PLEASE try to add music of "Los Tres" it´s a band from Chile, it´s my favoryte. Thank´s alot!

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