hey everyone!
It’s been busy busy around here lately, as we’ve worked to keep up with all of you! It occured to me that I should communicate my thanks to each of you who has send us music requests. It’s a very big world, and as I suspected, there are many many many cds in it. And yet, in classic late-aught-5 style, the combined efforts of many of you dedicated listeners have helped us more than any individual could have (see wikipedia, web 2.0, etc). And it’s only been a few months. Please keep the requests coming!
A little advanced addendum for the supremely devoted: if you’re sending us info for a brand new band, or a local band that’s probably not yet signed or distributed, please consider emailing the band directly and cc’ing us on that email. We are 100% receptive to independent music, and will listen to whatever people send in, and we’ll add it if we can. And we absolutely hate it when we can’t find copies of the music that you suggest to us!!! The same message goes out to those of you in bands who want to be considered for inclusion to Pandora. Please send us your music!
Also, believe it or not, certain genres are hard to find, even here in the commerce-glutted US of A, so if you feel that we’re light on a particular genre, please feel free to send us information on resources like online stores and review sites for your fave micro-genres. Sometimes that’s all it takes for us to be able to provide a comprehensive catalog of your favorite stuff….
Your requests are being logged and worked through, and we’re getting everything that we can, so long as we feel confident that it’s up to your standards…
OK. ’nuff about that. here are a very few of my favorite current musics, new and old, to spice up the holidays. In no particular order, a partial list:
City Bird (Pandora station based on this song by Of Montreal)
Magic Carpet (sitar folk from the 70s!)
Nirvana (1967) (the original nirvana! from britain – classic british 60s pop – a cult classic – see esp. the song Wings of Love… this makes a great vintage 60s pop station! but beware, you need to ask for “Nirvana (1967) or you’ll get the Kurt Cobain Nirvana….)
Mark Hollis (this brilliant and mercurial frontman from Talk Talk made a sublime, self-titled solo record… moody and perfect)
Jose Gonzalez (!!!!!! beautiful contemporary indie-folk stuff, subtle not sentimental. definitely one of my best-ofs this year…)
The Dirty Projectors (freaky low fi pop, blindingly brilliant. oh man.)
Goldspot (clean, smart pop from a new band that’s not that well known, yet…)
The Teeth (more great pop, sort of punkish, kinks-ish, totally excellent and original)
The Stares (a great new band from Seattle with strings and horns by the great Eyvind Kang)
Ghosts of Monkshood (very strange psych folk – from Oklahoma I think – very weird and wonderful)
Diane Cluck (nyc folk-innocent. so simple. so great.)
Vashti Bunyan (long lost folk lass from Britain, just released her second album, 30 years after her first!)
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (old school neo soul…)
Dungen (scandinavian epic psych-pop……. superb)
Black Sabbath (get your vintage Sabbath metal fix. never checked em out??? you should.)
Davy Graham (60’s acoustic folk)
Dr. Dog (more great interesting pop.)
well, I just know I’m forgetting a bunch more… you’ll let me know, though. of that I am certain……


  1. Tony Nicholas
    December 29, 2005 at 2:34pm
    One forgotten band you don't have in your collection is Crack the Sky. Rolling Stone picked their debut self titled album as Album of the Year in 1975 (I think). No kidding, the first album is a MASTERPIECE and you should add it to your collection. The band made other albums, split up and rejoined and every once in awhile gets back together to play in a moderately sized venue. They have a core of still devoted fans and have recently remastered all of their old stuff, so you can get them easily. Thanks to disco, the debut album got NO airplay. And some of the songs like "Ice", "Mind Baby" and "She's a Dancer" would ALL have been hits if anyone ever heard them. A shame. But this is what Pandora is all about ... to introduce people to new music that they would love, if they were only introduced. Thanks for the introductions. Keep up the good work.
  2. Wade
    January 19, 2006 at 1:44pm
    First - freekin WOW, what a great idea/radio station! could you somehow modulate the volumes so that all the tracks have similar levels? I had to crank my stereo to hear a michael hedges track, and then Peter Frampton came on and was a little louder, and then Leo Kottke was a little louder still - small, but important. also, Could the radio station play more of the artist that you originally started it with? Or could that be an option? i.e., I started a station called King's X, and for two days now, I have only heard two King's X songs. How about if when you started a session, the first song would be from the original group you started the station with? Another thing would be to have another line in the ratings system, and to be able to set the station to play more of an artist that you REALLY like, but maybe it isn't about artists, as I read this more, its about each song. HMM Last - could you enter into each song the artist who played - and that can be a criteria as well - Like if you like a tune off of Steely Dan's Royal Scam, and the drummer is Jeff Porcaro, maybe a Toto song would be next, and so on. Or is that already part of it? There are some artists out there whose primary band's are in the genome, but not their solo work - case in point, Ty Tabor/King's X. Some fantastic music may be missed from this case - but I suppose, so much music, and so little time, right? Anyway, Fantastic idea. Love it. Is there a listener input page?
  3. Genewitch
    January 23, 2006 at 7:21am
    This was recommended to me by someone who frequently listens to what i am (via shoutcast servers located here and my sister site in jersey). I think it is so amusing that you can't skip songs because of licensing restrictions... what with search engines and P2P you'd think that this - what would seem to be academic - site would be cut a little slack. i cringe at the thought of seeing the top 20 played stations. Whenever you guys want a hand with classical music, shoot me an email (i put in the proper one!) I'll also be submitting some songs... although i can't afford frills or silver pressings. the only feature request i would like is to see the traversal of the "tree" or whatever it is you guys are using; if i put in 'spears', a text list of the next 100 songs played would be cool. i'm just a statistician at heart. XML would probably allow you to do such things as thumbs up and thumbs down... oh i just realized this wouldn't work because it would let you repeatedly refine your searches until you could exploit it to get a song you wanted to listen to play. Humans. /sigh. anyhow, rockin idea, i'd still love to see the theory behind it, and i'll refine the station i am listening to now until it's the best representation of "Dark, Melodic, Psy-tekk-without-the-crap-house-elements" ever. Thanks for putting forth the obviously large amount of time, money, sweat, and blood that went into this project. Later!
  4. Genewitch
    January 23, 2006 at 7:32am
    Oh, and this is just a side note... the purpose of this site, the original intent, from what i have gathered: It is not to say "why haven't i heard yet!" If you want to hear a specific song by a specific band, there are wonderful search engines out there for that purpose! This site is here to expand musical tastes, to show you bands you probably haven't heard of, to show you why you like the stuff you do, and to just provide that "background music" to your daily life. Requesting songs and stuff that lets you restrict years and genres and subgenres and whatnot is counter to the very essence of what this site strives to provide, from what i have read and seen. Two thumbs down on an artist removes them from your station, and MAY also prevent other similar songs from appearing on your station. while you're busy refining your station, don't forget that you're still probably hearing new stuff. Some genres are harder to tailor than others, it's part of the dynamic of musical art. This isn't intended as a flame, so sorry if it appears that way at points. it's 7:31AM and i have to be up in 4 hours to work. hooray me!
  5. BlueCatGirl
    January 28, 2006 at 3:38pm
    I´ve meet Pandora thanks to another user. Im surprised like the way that it works and defines some music tendences of mine, like mild accoustic sincopation, mixed accoustic & electric, hard rock roots.... In a future please include latin singers and music. Greetings from the North of the South
  6. Peanutgnome
    January 30, 2006 at 8:14pm
    Life _should_ have a soundtrack, and it's called Pandora. And because of you I've heard some things that I haven't before - I guess it really is Pandora's box that you've had me open. Sometimes it's just fun to type some arbitrary band name in, pick a selection you've never heard of, and listen for an hour. I'd love to be able to pick through the genome itself though and pick 3 or 4 different nodes and see what comes up - hold on this could be a wild ride through music you never knew about. A nod goes out to HMK for her email on you. Thanks!
  7. test
    December 30, 2006 at 12:47pm
    Cool Site !

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