Do you recognize this behavior?
I happened to discover this song last week on Pandora: Say What You Mean by Maktub.
It was one of those times where you’re trying to Get Things Done, but this amazing song comes on…you have to find out what that song is, right? And once you see the album cover, then you have to click through to the artist bio, right? Because who is singing this fabulous song?! And then you want to read the notes about the album too. And maybe listen to a few of the clips of the rest of the songs on the album? And then maybe you create a couple of stations initiated from different songs on the same album, just to see how different the stations might turn out? (or is this just me?)
Then you see that the song you’re loving musically matches a Prince song; that’s interesting! I grew up in Prince Country, so I have to listen to the clip of that song too, don’t I? And then wait: it’s Prince singing (what if god was) One of Us. I remember Joan Osborne singing that. Huh, I wonder who wrote it? (sound of nerdy researching…answer: Eric Bazilian)
Pretty soon you’ve “wasted” a chunk of “precious” time just enjoying this music and the Backstage information surrounding it.
Ah, but it sure beats the alternative, doesn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with having a happily stuffed Pandora profile!
cheers, Lucia
Maktub Radio


  1. David Ocampo
    September 13, 2006 at 1:25pm
    I have this thing playing like all day of every day almost, too good
  2. Naomi
    September 13, 2006 at 3:04pm
    Yup, I too do the exact same thing. I need some music to motivate me to get the housecleaning done, and then I gotta make sure that song never plays again, and then I love this one! Etc...Oops, the day is slipping by. :)
  3. Kristi
    September 14, 2006 at 1:00pm
    Is there a way to go back to a song and hear it again? I cant' seem to figure this out. I've only been on Pandora for 2 days now. I end up turning it down to answer my phone and I miss a really good song but cannot figure out how to back track and listen to it again. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you, Kristi
  4. Buzzer
    September 15, 2006 at 12:54am
    Kristi: Well that's why Pandora isn't illegal :) You can add songs to you favourites page and listen to snippets of them if you want.
  5. Free
    September 24, 2006 at 2:46am
    I think the site is a great idea. It must've taken a lot of work to get something like this actually functioning, so kudos. But to make it better I think it would be awesome if I could actually input the criteria I wanted in a song and make a custom radio station like that, instead of choosing an example of a group or song that I like which may happen to have some or most of the aspects I like in music, but is misleading to a program as far as what would be right on the nose of what I'm looking for in music.
  6. Vincent
    January 14, 2007 at 10:07pm
    Napster was great in terms of finding rare music and that you could chat with other listeners who had the same musical interest . Hopefully the creators of Pandora will incorporate that element as well. Im very pleased with Pandora as it is now. Best luck.

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