As of midnight we’ve turned Pandora back on. Once again the response from listeners today was just extraordinary. You folks continue to amaze me. You brought down the server system for the country’s most robust provider of online petitions (they said they’ve NEVER seen anything like it before). Virtually every congressional office was jammed with phone calls all day. Make no mistake – each call makes a HUGE difference.
It was also great to be part of such solidarity between webcasters of all shapes and sizes. The truth is that this is an industry started by music lovers and it shows. NPR’s flagship KCRW hosted a show that included the largest internet radio service (Yahoo! – Ian thanks for stepping up big time, I’m sure it took some work) and Ted from BagelRadio who broadcasts from his over-crowded living room – all speaking in one voice. That doesn’t happen everyday.
There is absolutely no denying what listeners and musicians want here and if congress doesn’t understand that now, there’s something seriously wrong. Know that without your remarkable effort, none of this would be happening. There would be no congressional advocates, no broadcast TV coverage, no hand-wringing in the copyright office, and no mysterious deadline extensions. I wouldn’t have spent that last 48 hours talking to reporters and there most certainly would not be a brand new bill in the House with over 120 co-sponsors. This has all the makings of a watershed moment. But let’s stay vigilant. We’ve raised awareness but we need to keep the pressure on. If the phone was busy when you called, please try again later this week.
I’ll end this far-too-lengthy blog post with one parting thought. Webcasters want musicians to be compensated. For years we’ve even accepted the fact that we pay far higher rates than other forms of radio. What we want is a rate that properly remunerates artists, but also allows this medium to thrive. That is doable, and it’s a win for everyone.
Thanks again. Now, let’s turn up that radio volume…
Cheers. Tim (Founder)


  1. Lajca
    June 29, 2007 at 4:27pm
    WOW ! I missed you !!! Pandora is so wonderful. I am an artist, graphic and other mediums. If I can help in any way, contact me. I have been a professional musician for years..what can I do to help??? gimme a shout !! I am here !! Don't ever let them take you away !
  2. jtbg
    June 29, 2007 at 8:01pm
    Tim, thankyou thankyou I gave Mel Mar (My sentior)sic! A call about the bill before them. Nelsons' line was busy for 2 days at dif times of the day. Hummmmmmmm. Among other things I wonder why? jtbg
  3. james mcnulty
    June 30, 2007 at 2:14pm
    heytim bst regrds nall d gdstff if u need help 2sty alv u shld nlist me pandas r a rare breed preservation is n order just shout directions taken well n multiplied
  4. Linely Duke
    June 30, 2007 at 5:59pm
    Pandora Radio is genius. I listen all to it all the time. I was just wondering if Pandora considered the types of chords and the frequency of chord changes when deciding what song comes next.
  5. asdasd
    July 02, 2007 at 4:57pm
    I'm very pissed at Pandora because I thought they would let us to listen to the FULL version of our damn picks, but sadly I can only listen to short samples of them. Sigh, what I get for believing there're such things as good free things...
  6. Christian (Mannheim, Germany)
    July 05, 2007 at 12:19pm
    Still missing --
  7. tulipdancer
    July 06, 2007 at 1:43pm
    I am a new listener to Pandora and I just wanted to let you know how amazing this website is. You have expanded my library of music immensly. I am currently pursuing a career in teaching dance and am constantly researching new music for choreography projects. I appreciate all of your suggestions and hope to utilize them in my future classroom. Keep up the good work. The education field thanks you!!!
  8. Sairen
    July 12, 2007 at 8:28am
    Let's pause a minute before taking full credit and celebrating. You can check any bill's status on According to it, only two representatives and two senators became cosponsors AFTER June 26th. The rest joined the fight in late April, May, or early June. As of midday July 12th, there are 129 cosponsors in the House. Not bad! We need to keep pushing the Senate. There are only 4 cosponsors there: Brownback (KS), Kerry (MA), Tester (MT), and Collins (ME). One representative, Nathan Deal of Georgia, has withdrawn support. Any Georgians out there listening? Go get 'im! Two of my reps are already on board, and I'm working hard on the third. Good luck, Pandora. You really do make music better.

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