v.e.r.a. cliqueFor the latest podcast in our ongoing audio series, “The Musicology Show,” we talk with two hip hop MCs and two beatmaking producers about the art of Sampling.
The MCs are Macsen Apollo and Anderson Ray from V.E.R.A. Clique, and the producers are Dan Craig and Johnny Igaz. Craig is a software-sampling maven who imports audio directly from old LPs; Igaz uses a hardware sampler for his production work with Ill Mondo. All four bring interesting perspectives to the controversial and rich subject of sample-based music, and Craig breaks apart one of his productions to show how he layered the snares and manipulated the source material to make the beats snap.
This episode was recorded and cut by the great Tyler Brown at Bellboy Recording in Richmond CA.
For other episodes of “The Musicology Show,” check out the subject pages: Instruments, Rhythm, Composition, Singing and Styles.


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