Today is a big day for Pandora: after more than a year of planning, design, engineering, and beta testing we’re launching an entirely new Pandora website.

In late 2010 we started with a clean sheet of paper, challenging ourselves to create a new internet radio experience that was fast, social, and easy while still being familiar to the tens of millions of people that listen to Pandora each month.

The result is “New Pandora” — the same personalized radio experience you’ve enjoyed for years, wrapped in a new HTML5 look that makes it more responsive, easier to use, and better integrated with the friends and music lovers in your life. We also think it looks more beautiful than ever, but we’re biased.

For the last two months we’ve been gradually rolling a preview of the new site out to our listeners, taking their feedback, fixing bugs and making improvements here and there. With all those little fixes and refinements in place, today we’re rolling out the new site for everyone.

Some of our new features include:

Simplified Station Creation – Enhanced auto-complete choices and personalized suggestions make creating new stations and discovering new music or comedy more intuitive and personal.

Discovery of Music with Friends – Enhanced listener profiles and a new music feed offer a centralized place to find, like and comment on what friends and like-minded listeners are discovering and enjoying on Pandora. The music feed will roll out slowly over the course of the coming days. In addition to the prominent new “share” button, stations now have their own URLs, making it super easy for listeners to share favorite stations via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Improved Control – Prominent and ubiquitous access to familiar player control buttons including Play, Pause, Thumbs-Up and Thumbs-Down icons helps listeners to easily personalize their music and comedy stations. A new shuffle feature also allows listeners to shuffle any collection of stations to add variety to their listening experience.

Enhanced Artist Information – An option to learn more about the music, find lyrics, read artists’ biographies and expand the album art size.

Unlimited listening – We’ve removed the 40 hours listening cap – you can now listen as much as you want for free.
The new social feed will roll out over the next few days to everyone and we want to remind you that you control of how others see your Pandora profile page and listening activity. Here’s a link to view and to edit your privacy settings.

We’d love to hear what you think of our latest project. To let us know what you think, to get help, or to find answers please visit


  1. elvia
    October 03, 2011 at 4:00am
    GREAT idea! I found some new artists. Love the jazz and instrumental music while working. The catch for me (Nit-Picker Warning!) is that PANDORA is essentially an online funnel *to deliver consumers to the *record companies which means that the record companies control the design of it. So it's THEIR agenda - I'm spoon-fed products (artists and songs) the music marketers want to sell me.This fact makes PANDORA bit of a bait-and-switch. I get one song from the artist I likeand then I get a LOT of the SAME SONGS (that I DON'T like) over and over and over again, which drives me to the 'Skip' button frequently. I'm limited to skipping only a few songs per session (The disclaimer that pops up when I've exceeded my allotted number of 'skips' politely admits that this limitation is because of the agreement between PANDORA and the record companies)So instead of a refreshing and inspiring cross-section of juicy talent based on my "chosen" station, I get too many tired, over-played 'A' sides and way too much repetition of songs I don't want to hear. Because of these glitches, I play PANDORA less than I did at first. My conclusion: "There is no free lunch!" If it's free, there's a catch and the catch here is that I basically have to baby-sit PANDORA with one finger on the 'skip' button (and "Don't play this song for a month!") and another finger on 'Create a New Station'. I would rather pay a nominal subscription fee, have access to MORE VARIETY, and have more control over the way the thing operates. Glad I found it, though! ;-) instant payday loans
  2. Kristina Burroughs
    October 03, 2011 at 5:26am
    Like it! Enjoying it all day long and keeps me sailing through my enjoyable work day!
  3. Amelia
    October 03, 2011 at 10:17am
    Hey everyone, I was having trouble finding the bookmark option and the "I'm tire of this song", but I realized that all you have to do is hover your mouse over the album that is playing. It's still there, don't fret.
  4. Jordan
    October 03, 2011 at 11:15am
    Glad to see that I wasn't the only user who begs to bring back the bookmark feature. (also would be nice to have the ability to select multiple tracks from the bookmark list to buy at one time). I listen on a different PC than the one where my music is stored, and I like to bookmark when listening and then use the other PC to buy the songs rather than having to transfer them between PCs. I use liking to train the stations to have more songs of that type, not the same as bookmarking where I might want to buy the songs later.
  5. Courtney
    October 03, 2011 at 11:44am
    I like the new design of Pandora but the think the old version of Pandora worked waaaay better. I know its new and there will be improvements make along the way but right now it is frustration having to constantly reload the page because: 1. Pandora freezes and I can't change the station 2. The album art is not in sync with the music playing and it freezes 3. Pandora stops playing completely 4. Pandora doesn't load at all 5. The music is playing but the website will not let me change the song, pause it, like it or dislike it. 6. A whole lot of the independent artists are not available. I really like Pandora because it is easy and for the most part has good mix of music but If things do not improve soon I will cancel subscription and find my music else where.
  6. Dion
    October 03, 2011 at 12:13pm
    I love the new look. It would be cool if the song that was playing would show in the window banner. For example: If I was listening to Pandora on Firefox, it would say "Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music - Mozilla Firefox" in the window banner. My suggestion would be to put the song that was playing in the window banner so I wouldn't have to click the Pandora tab to see what the name of the song was playing.
  7. Lisa Mc
    October 03, 2011 at 1:24pm
    I like the new look but have been experiencing songs starting to play then stopping and starting again. I have to forward to the next song or it keeps doing it. Other than that we're very pleased with the new site.
  8. Sienagrl
    October 03, 2011 at 3:17pm
    As a long time user, I LOVE this upgrade! Nice clean look and feel, less junk crowding the page. I love how if you change stations, it remembers the last song you listened to and starts right where it left new feature. Best part, NO LIMITED usage for free subscribers - THANK YOU!!
  9. Naomi
    October 03, 2011 at 3:48pm
    The list of things that have been taken *away* from the old, BETTER version of Pandora is growing. The latest? You can't say "I'm tired of this song" anymore. Editing stations is also more difficult, requires more clicks. It used to be pretty simple if I remember correctly (seems so long ago at this point ::sigh::). Now, it seems, you have to go to "profile," then "stations," then click the particular station you want to edit...then good luck finding a particular song/artist from your "seeds" list if it's long. Good luck. Why take away features? WHY?! Has the world gone MAD?! The lack of bookmarks is the worst. I have my OWN list of bookmarks that I have to type out myself now. Honestly whomever says the new Pandora is better are probably the same people who say George W. Bush did a really good job
  10. Christina Marie
    October 03, 2011 at 3:51pm
    I absolutely love the new Pandora. I always having it playing in the background, while on the computer. The only issue I have is I recently purchased a new smart phone, the HTC-hd7, and Pandora does not support that specific phone. If you could please support it, that would be awesome I could then, take my listening on the go.

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