Dear Listeners –

We’d like to hear – and see! – what you think and have to say about Pandora. We’re putting together a fun video piece of user-submitted videos about your experiences with Pandora: what it does for you during your day, a special moment, what it means to you, your friends, your family – anything fun or funny or special about Pandora that you’d like to tape and share and send in, please do! This can be just you, a group of friends, a class, team, office, troupe – any combination you can think of. We’ll turn them into a thoughtful, tasteful, and joyful montage of our listeners.

Of course, this great idea has a limited time frame – we need all videos in by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18TH NOON PACIFIC TIME – short time frame, we know, but we think you’re up for the challenge! Our only requirement is that you keep it clean and under thirty seconds.

As an extra thanks, we’ll be sending t-shirts to the creators of the first 50 submissions (be sure to give us your mailing address and shirt size(s)). We ask that you read and complete the legal form that lets us use your video, and send the completed form in with your video – without that form, we can’t use your video.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing and seeing your creations!

-Tim (Founder)

Update on how to submit:
The only way to submit your video is to click on the yellow “ACCEPT” at the bottom of the submission/legal form. When you click the “ACCEPT” button, an email opens to which you can attach your video and send to us.


  1. Darkcircle
    December 14, 2010 at 5:22pm
    i love my chemical romance
  2. Bill Mc
    January 18, 2011 at 11:32am
    Would love to see a HD Video version of Pandora as a paid subscription, it would be great to have the live concerts in HD of a users playlist... Please comment if this is possible. Thanks for the great service!

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