Get Em While They’re Hot – A Dozen Picks for 2015’s Song of the Summer

songs of summer visualBeaches, BBQ, warm nights, friends – just a few of the ingredients that make for a great summer, but at Pandora we have to admit that we’re a bit biased when it comes to what we thinks is the most important one: music.  A single song can capture the vibe of summer and leave an impression for years to come. The one you listen to with the windows down cruising down the highway, or that’s blaring as you cannonball into the deep end.  It’s the thing that years from now can transport you back to THIS summer.  Don’t believe us?  We dare you to blast Summer Hits of the 90s and not be transported to a time of ill-advised fashion but admittedly awesome music.
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From the Curators: Your Summer Soundtrack for 2013

Every time I hear “1st Of Tha Month” by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, it takes me back to a 1996 family vacation in Florida. Even though it’s been years and my musical tastes have changed, I just can’t shake the feeling that song gives me. Music is known for its ability to transport you to a time and place; it’s likely that if you hear “summer anthems” from past years, you’ll be transported back to that time. It just wouldn’t be summer without a soundtrack.

summer3What will be your soundtrack for Summer 2013? In an effort to unlock some themes for this summer, we’ll take a look at a few of this season’s anticipated releases. How might the “genetic” makeup of this year’s releases evolve your current playlists?
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From the Curators: Pandora’s Guide to Summer Listening

Memorial Day weekend is here! Kick off your summer fun by firing up the BBQ, hitting the beach, hangin’ at a picnic, hitting the road and launching into some summertime music. Our freshly sun-screened curators invite you to bring our expanded selection of Pandora Summer Stations with you!

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 Decades of nostalgic summer hits….

Evoke a carefree summer mood with feel-good Summer Hits of the 2000s including tracks from Matchbox 20, Christina Aguilera, Nelly and Jimmy Eat World.

Flashback to the Summer Hits of the 90s with summer Pop, R&B and Rock hits from Boyz II Men, Third Eye Blind, Britney Spears and Nirvana.

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