Changing the Odds for Touring Bands

I spent my twenties in rock bands, much of that playing live shows across the western United States. We drove thousands of miles, never knowing how many people would show up to see us play.  We played to empty rooms more times than I care to remember. We tried everything, from physical mailers to our fan list, to stapling flyers on telephone poles and standing on street corners handing out leaflets to pull people in. The marketing never really worked, and it wore us out.

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Bigger Is Beautiful. Pandora Is Available For Apple TV.

You now have even more ways to discover and enjoy the music you love with Pandora on Apple TV.


Gather around the big screen. The new Apple TV (4th generation) is here and we are excited to be one of the first music apps on this new experience. We designed this app to help you get the most out of Pandora as Apple opens the next chapter on the connected home at its best.
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A New Way To Discover

Browse can help you find the perfect station to satisfy any musical mood because everything you see is personalized. It’s also dynamic so it evolves with your musical taste. In this new experience you can easily explore all the countless stations that our musicologists have carefully curated just for you.