so sxsw is over and I’m back home, sitting in the living room. I’m too tired to nap – go figure. my bags and guitar are still in texas most likely, and I’m too tired to even be properly angry about that. I know I have to post some pictures and summary show notes before the memories fade too much. it was a great long weekend…

my sxsw 2006 highlights:
walking for a block of the anti-war march down 6th street with Billy Bragg, chatting about his dog, and his first US shows at the old 9:30 club in washington dc. I was a teenager soaking it all up.
seeing Harry Shearer in the convention hall and quickly starting up a Spinal Tap station. He didn’t walk over, unfortunately, but if he had, he would’ve heard “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight.”
I already mentioned this, but Of Montreal was incredible. man I wish I had pictures.
Last night we saw a few songs of killer edmonton alberta “high powered raps and beats” brainiac Cadence Weapon with his scratchalicious dj weasel. for fans of Aesop Rock and similarly brainy not brawny hip-hop.
cadence weapon
Cadence Weapon.jpg
dj weasel
DJ Weasel.jpg
Neko Case was very very good. the show was very nearly perfect, a few too many self-consciously “interesting” and “literary” lyrics took it down a notch for me, but her songwriting bridges the gap between Elvis Costello and Patsy Cline – so interesting and crafted around the content. the song forms are unique without being overly self-conscious, and the lyrics very nearly accomplish the same thing. and imho neko’s voice is truly the stuff of legend.
a bad picture of neko
we caught the very end of the Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. Outrageously well-conceived and implemented old school classic soul. doing the james brown thing, too. it seems to me that it would be impossible to be disappointed by this band right now, especially live. whoo!
Dungen was a tremendous force of surprisingly muscular and almost proggy scandinavianity. I really enjoyed watching the drummer play – he was so chill about it, but he had a kind of “million arms of thunder” thing happening. does that make sense? Saw my friend Bart Davenport at the show, and he said a friend of his said we wouldn’t like Dungen so much if we could understand they lyrics. So what? really interesting stuff on the record, very melodic, creative and colorful. don’t sleep on dungen…..
dungen’s leader Gustav Ejstes
Dungen 1.jpg
dungen’s drummer
Dungen 2.jpg
Tim Fite was hilarious, creative and generally irresistible. just listen, it’s too hard to describe.
Tim Fite (with a video of himself as a third band member)
Tim Fite.jpg
Tim Fite’s Radio
Fite Radio.jpg
I loved the part of Ariel Pink’s set that I caught. so weird and good. very distorted beats and samples and seemingly improvised lyrics in one song, which featured the appopo but kind of goofy repeated lyric: “south by southwest austin.” you had to be there.
ariel pink
Ariel Pink.jpg
we didn’t technically get in, but we still saw and heard 3 Richard Swift songs, which seemed good, though I felt like the intricacies of his arrangements weren’t coming across to those of us who chose to take in the show from the other side of the chain link fence.
richard swift
Richard Swift.jpg
we also caught Rumplestiltskin Grinder, whose name alone makes me a fan. they’re thrashy metal and to be honest I wasn’t as into it as I hoped to be. but so be it. still like the name. a lot.
once more, The Teeth could well be everyone’s favorite band in a few years if they play their cards right, eat broccoli, and stay together. I loved that show.
ditto for Dr. Dog. Park the Van Records is a great little label, check em out…
so that’s just about that. what a great trip. wish every day were like a day at south by southwest.


  1. Jamie Pyles
    June 16, 2006 at 1:53pm
    so I'm not sure what you are looking for, but Austin is a great place to find a little bit of everything. I am a college student at Texas A&M, but there is a group of my friends that have been playing around town in Austin alot. They are ska/rock, and if you get a chance, they are a band you want to see live! They have SO much energy and put on FUN shows. The band is Driver F and you should check them out at either,, or These guys are great and so talented! see them in a show if you can at all!

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