Man, what a night in NYC. Almost 400 people jammed into the New World Stage theater for a lively conversation.

Tons of great comments and feedback. There was definitely a lot of interest in the advertising side of our business – I guess that’s not surprising in NY – how we thought about it both from an economic standpoint, an advertiser standpoint, and a user standpoint. Lots of folks are interested in the ability to target ads over time -both to make them more relevant, and more valuable.

Pandora has over 80 people working just on that part of our business. It’s really key for us to optimize that in order to keep up with the incredible growth – which just keeps going and going… just crossed 50 million registered listeners!!!

Also spent a good while talking with folks afterwards about various new projects. One thing is clear, there are many entrepreneurs entering the music space now… particularly in the area of artist services. Trying to crack the nut on how to help artists make the web work for them.

There continues to be a great response to our plans (and they are still in the ‘plan’ stage) to bring some more targeted artist info to listeners (eg. local concerts).

Thanks again to all who braved the rain to make it out…

Tim (Founder)


  1. virtual people
    June 17, 2011 at 10:22am
    i am going to ny to see tiesto very soon. I would like to see him more on pandora. This dj has created a huge following and now seems to be the best dj around. If you haven't heard of him check him out asap

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