Left Gibson’s and headed over to meet the folks at Grimey’s – a happenin’ indie record store. Mike Grimey and Doyle Davis are clear music fanatics. They had a downstairs club to boot.
Was really heartened to hear that their sales are growing rapidly. My new theory about music retail is that it’s the real music-centric indie stores that are going to start thriving in the new digital age. As digital tech skims off more and more of the mass audience that are the primary buyers of music in big box stores, success in retail is going to come more and more to those who really emphasize service and value for shoppers, to draw music fans that still long for that experience. People who like walking through narrow aisles stuff with music.. surrounded by music obsessed shop clerks eager to help out…

Had a nice lunch and chat, scooped up a bunch of CDs and headed out to the evening meetup at Cabanas.
Great dinner meetup. lively conversation and great food with great group of local music lovers.
You definitely get the sense in Nashville that the love of music runs deep. At the meetup I met a number of folks who had moved to Nashville because they were music fans, not because they had a particular job in mind.
First stop for the evening, the aforementioend Bluebird Cafe where they don’t even let people walk in during a song. Love it!
Watched a nice long set from a three piece acoustic group then club hopped the evening; the Basement, the End, and more…


  1. Dave
    April 07, 2011 at 7:24am
    Hey Tim! I just installed the Pandora app on my iPhone so I can listen in my car (and just cancelled my SiriusXM subscription this morning). SUGGESTION: I would love an option on the app that would fill the screen with the artist, title, and album information in lieu of album cover art. The current font is microscopic on the iPhone (and greyed-out to boot), which makes it impossible to look at the information while driving. A larger, easier to read font would be a great mobile safety feature, since I'm sure a lot of people take their eyes off the road to try and read this information...not something I'm going to attempt!!! Thanks for a great product! Dave
  2. Randall
    June 14, 2011 at 9:04am
    Hey, I really love this pandora radio it's the best by far. I really hope that ya'll will get a chance to visit Knoxville.My Brother's has a group called Bloodknuckle. They're are a good group 2 listen 2. They have a variety of songs that everyone can relate 2.I hope 2 hear back from u.Keep on going promoting great music.
  3. Rich Soper
    January 30, 2012 at 8:54am
    Tim- Glad to read you journeyed thru my hometown. Just wondering- as I scan the genre of pandora- why there is not a "americana" category? I'm sure you arfe familiar with the sound and it's explosive growth amongst some of the most creative and talented artists here in Nashville, Texas, and all the way to LA (Lucinda) Hope to see ya expand Pandora to include Americana- The Americana Music Association has an annual awards event in Nashville each Fall. also, the association has a website- Really enjoy the Pandora site.

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