What a great couple weeks… We had 5 town hall meetings across the country… New York City, Washington DC, Chicago (2), Seattle. What an amazing experience to spend so much time with Pandora listeners… 150 folks showed up for the NYC gathering – funny to think that just a couple months ago there were three… including me! Planning on many more.

New York City (Part 1)
Wonderful evening at NYU’s Stern School. After a fun get together with about 30 students in the school’s great music business program we spent almost THREE hours in a great only-in-new-york-city rowdy town hall meeting with 150 vocal music enthusiasts. Thanks to Jason Hirschorn from MTV (formerly) who joined me about midway through. These are just tremendous learning experiences for us as we hear how people are using and experiencing the service. Really dug the enthusiasm of everyone – tons of great questions, ideas and general commentary about the online radio thing.
Washington DC
Another very interactive evening at American University’s Greenberg Theatre. Joined by David Oxenford and Gary Greenstein, two attorneys who have been in the music rights debate trenches for some time, about 130 DC listeners.
Took advantage of the trip to visit some local music haunts including a local community music school for all ages and skills …the father-and-son-in-the-hallway-waiting-for-the-recital really brought me back…
the cozy Revolution Records (our original town hall meeting host, before we got 200 rsvps!)
2 Days in Chicago
Terrific location at the City Lit community theatre. Kurt Hanson from RAIN joined me for the first of two meetups. Another great set of discussions.
Wonderful location – The Experience Music Project, Paul Allen’s shrine to Jimi Hendrix and all things rock and roll (he’s apparently an avid pandora user). About 100 Seattle-ites filled the theatre for a free form Q&A.
it’s really an amazing experience to spend hours talking with folks – where the only point is to share ideas and love of music. Affection for music is a very powerful thing… Really looking forward to lots more of these. We’re going to blanket the country before we’re done…
Tim (Founder)


  1. Matthew Dorre
    March 12, 2007 at 12:42pm
    Hey, I have been working with my squeezebox for a while now and I wanted to post something for anyone thinking of buying one (~$300) DON'T buy a cheap laptop on craigslist. Between squeezenet and pandora, it can be 'down' a lot of the time, you can only rate songs up or down (but not always if it starts acting squirrely!) I am a pandora nut so I don't mind that I got one and it seems to have a lot of problems.. early adopter or something, but you are MUCH better off just getting a cheap laptop from craigslist and hooking it up to your stereo system.. you will have much more control over/info about your pandora stations and songs. Worst part will be you won't have a remote. (but hey, the squeezebox frequently locks up so that the remote becomes useless anyway.) also when I got my squeezebox I was FORCED to subscribe to pandora (or my account would expire) it's not that much but... geez thanks a lot. strongarm tactics can breed contempt...
  2. Marisa
    March 10, 2009 at 6:04pm
    Congratulations I love ur site it's been a week I found out bout ur site n cant stop listening to it. Can't wait 4 u to come back to Chicago. Keep up the good work! Marisa
  3. Phil
    November 02, 2009 at 6:21pm
    I love Pandora... I upgraded and wouldn't ever go without it. Thanks Pandora!

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