Memorable day in Boston, capped off with a terrific MIT meetup.
Spent the morning touring the Berklee College of music – amazing facility. State of the art everything. Kids everywhere with guitars, saxophones, drumsticks… was waiting for everyone to suddenly break out into some big choreographed number… “fame?”

Pretty stunning city this time of year. Rowers on the Charles River.
Full range of disciplines – performance, composition, business & technology. Thanks to David for the very informative tour – much appreciated.
Also had the honor of meeting Kurzweil’s second employee… responsible for the world’s greatest digital emulation of an acoustic piano sound.
Stopped in at Looney Tunes, a throwback record store just down the street from Berklee. 20 feet high stacks of cardboard boxes full of vinyl… Interesting to know that while large music retailers are struggling, the indie stores have been doing just fine. The clerk’s eyes lit up when I asked him for his recommendations of great local bands… didn’t take long to fill a bag up for me.
Then headed over for a great afternoon gathering at the Harvard Business School – entrepreneur group and media/entertainment group. Quite a little utopia they’ve got going there.
MIT was off the hook! Thanks again to Daniel for being such a welcoming and helpful host – always great to have someone who’s game to go way above and beyond the call of duty (Daniel… how does Ohio and Michigan sound next week? All expenses paid). Well over 200 people showed up for an almost 3 hour music discussion marathon at one of the cavernous lecture halls… not hard to picture Richard Feynman up there. The chalk board was even full of fresh scribbling of some esoteric mathematical formula…
College kids, professors, musicians and Bostonites. Completely cleaned out our hats and shirts! Not surprisingly there was a lot of talk about third party software development. Tools built off the Pandora backbone. Tricky one for us because we need to be able to place ads on other versions of the service.
I’m definitely sensing from these many audiences a sense of anticipation that things are changing – that the music biz will look very different in a few years.
Thanks to the attendee who volunteered a show ‘n’ tell of his latest high end Slim Devices box.
Hit the road for Providence, RI…


  1. April
    August 15, 2007 at 10:34am
    Oh man, what can I say... Pandora is great! I have been a listener for over a year and I really like the way it has evolved and how I am now able to listen to the genre of artists and songs I really enjoy listening to. No more interruptions of what I don't really like. This is great!
  2. Ariel cadena
    August 15, 2007 at 2:56pm
    hola por favor no la quiten , miren pandora es una tremenda idea es muy refrescante y a la ves nos entretiene de tantas cosas en muchos idiomas , so please dont take out this a great idea of the boston pandoras music box because is very refresshining for every one in boston please let this great box continue with this super music for every one . thanks a lot ariel cadena.
  3. Zelda Feinberg
    September 10, 2007 at 9:11am
    Can't believe I missed your recent visit to the Somerville Theatre near Cambridge Ma. I had been chatting with Dina about your visit but then I went to Las Vegas where my email was not working for some strange reason and I missed the confirmation of date and place. I'm so bummed !!!! I'm sure it was a great visit even without me there but I wanted so to meet you all. I hope it will not be your last time coming to the Cambridge area. As I told Dina when you come the next time I would love to have you all come to my cool Boutique near Harvard U., And help in any way needed. I have some (I think) good marketing ideas which I emailed Dina about and would love to furthure discuss with someone. Anyway--Enough Rambling---Thanks Tim, again, for all the great music. And Peace ------ Zelda Feinberg
  4. Nancy
    September 25, 2007 at 3:53am
    I was turned on to this station by one of my coworkers.. I work nights, have access to a computer but not music.. I LOVE IT.. and I'm spreading the news, telling everyone how great you are.. THANK YOU!!!
  5. alexandra
    November 06, 2007 at 8:02pm
    next time you're in boston, check out my friend's band, Strictly! For the Birds
  6. Jim
    April 20, 2008 at 9:08am
    Hi A bit late for the post, but better late... Brilliant!!!, Have 3 stations so farm Calexico, Tom Waits, Broken Social Scene,,,really like the photo of the red barn, nicely done.. All the best Jim P

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