All year, we’ve been giving our music analysts a lot of well-deserved love on this blog but, to celebrate our close relationship with holiday music, we wanted to instead highlight the masterminds behind Pandora’s famous holiday genre stations.

In addition to seeking out new music to add to Pandora, this group of music experts comes to work everyday to organize Pandora’s catalog of more than a million tracks into nuggets of curated musical greatness, usually based on a specific genre (Classic Rock), time period (2000s Hip Hop), mood (Relaxation) or event (Country BBQ or Christmas). Find our full selection of genre stations here.

Our holiday genre station collection offers a wide variety of holiday listening options, from Gospel Christmas to Rockin’ Holidays and everything in between. Here are some fun factoids about the actual people that work very hard to create the stations that fuel your holiday cheer this season:

Photo_Ron Nenni.jpgRon Nenni
Christmas, Country Christmas, R&B and Pop Holidays, Soulful Holidays, Gospel Christmas

Photo_Mike Fink.jpgMike Fink
Indie Holidays, Hanukkah, R&B and Pop Holidays

  • Years at Pandora: 2 years
  • Favorite music discovery at Pandora: Big Deal, they are a lo-fi dream pop duo from London
  • Favorite holiday song: Sufjan Stevens, his new Christmas box set is amazing!
  • What’s playing on Pandora now: San Cisco, an indie rock band from Australia
Photo_Jasmyn Wong.jpgJasmyn Wong
Swingin’ Christmas, Jazz Holidays, Folk Holidays

Photo_Michelle Solomon.jpgMichelle Solomon
Rockin’ Holidays, Today’s Christmas,Family Christmas, Tropical Holidays

Photo_Marcos Juarez.jpgMarcos Juarez
Navidad Latina, Navidad Tropical, Navidad Mexicana

  • Years at Pandora: 7 months
  • Favorite music discovery at Pandora: La Yegros and Ultraísta
  • Favorite holiday album: Willie Colón‘s “Asalto Navideño.” They took the classic Puerto Rican plena and Aguinaldo tranditions and updated them with a 1970s sound
  • What’s playing on Pandora now: The Navidad Tropical genre station, of course!
Photo_Michelle Alexander.jpg
Michelle Alexander
Classical Christmas

  • Years at Pandora: 12 years
  • Favorite music discovery at Pandora: All obscure psych rock, can’t pick just one!
  • Favorite holiday song: The Rondo Brothers‘ remix of “Frosty The Snowman” off Verve Remixed – Christmas
  • What’s playing on Pandora now: Don Pullen


  1. pueppi
    December 12, 2012 at 4:35pm
    I just found the "Christmas Blues" station. Thanks! I just love you guys at Pandora! *waves* -=- I've also made two Christmas stations that may be useful to others: - CHRISTMAS - Christmas Massage (still a work in progress and will need much more tweaking)
  2. Chris Glass
    December 13, 2012 at 4:25pm
    Thanks for the Jazz Christmas, Jasmyn! It's pretty darn good.
  3. Pete Nikolai
    December 13, 2012 at 4:52pm
    Thanks for the Christmas music! How about a new skin or two each season and holiday for One subscribers? For Christmas, will you please provide both a traditional one and a winter holiday one? Thanks!
  4. Jean Doten
    December 16, 2012 at 5:54pm
    Hi guys, I love listening to you (my favorite station is my Dufay) but sometimes you come up with some odd things (like the Memphis Slimm and Rooster Sykes showing up on Leonard Bernstein)--but that's OK cuz I love them, BUT right now I'm listening to Amor Artis holiday radio and they just sang "Pie Jesus." The title does sound Christmassy I admit, but it's part of the Latin Requiem Mass. (The "dona eis requiem" is a dead giveaway.) Not offended, just a heads up. Jean
  5. tomweiss2013
    December 25, 2014 at 1:23pm
    I wanted to hear Christmas music by Bruce Springsteen. So, I created the station Bruce Springsteen holiday music. In over 5 days of listening, it hasn't played one Bruce Springsteen song. And even more weird, I'm getting Gene Autry, Burl Ives, and Andy Williams. What's going on with that algorithm? Guess it's time to head over to iTunes and buy what I want to hear. Sorry if I sound a little grinchish but geez guys, Gene Autry and Burl Ives on a Bruce Springsteen holiday station?

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