We’ve crossed the ten-year mark at Pandora. It has been a long and winding road, but never have I been more excited about the future. We’re on the cusp of a massive transformation in the way music is discovered and distributed and everything we’ve done has put us in a position to be the force behind that change.

pandora_analysts[2]When we analysed “Dancing Queen” by Abba (the very first song in the Music Genome Project) we had no idea what lay ahead. We were too naïve to realise just how absurd our idea was. It took about 30 minutes to analyse that single track. We listened multiple times to capture every detail of the recording. Close to 200 attributes were notated using pen and paper, then double-checked by a second music analyst before being transcribed into an Excel spreadsheet. Who knew that this intensive, detailed, manual process would become the foundation for personalised radio.

But now, looking back, it all makes sense. All that time building the Music Genome Project, manually analysing one song at a time turned out to be just the right ingredient for an effortless and delightful listening experience. Add to that feedback you have provided – not only your billions of hours of listening, but more than 55 billion thumbs (that’s 8 thumbs for every person on earth), and we have a once in a lifetime chance to do something profound. To fundamentally change the way people enjoy and discover music, and to reinvent the way musicians find an audience and build sustainable careers.Print


And that is where we’re now turning our attention. There are more than 200,000 artists in Pandora’s catalog. The vast majority of these musicians, a sea of talent and untapped potential, have never had any radio play, and never will. There’s simply no room on ever-narrowing FM playlists. But on Pandora they have a home, and with 80 million music fans listening over 20 hours every month, the opportunity for connection is completely unprecedented. We’re gonna build it, and hand them the keys.

We look forward to creating this bright future with you; unleashing the infinite power of music and realising for each of you an effortless and delightful connection to the best music available, and for every artist, the career they deserve.

Check out your local Pandora Facebook page over the next week for some music trivia fun and giveaways, but for now join us in the celebration of our decade in music with the Pandora 10 Year Anniversary Mixtape.

Tune in for the next 10 years and we are so excited to have you along for the ride.




  1. Joe Padilla
    September 14, 2015 at 2:38pm
    I use to go once a year and by 3 or 4hundred dollar's worth of CD'so now I only listen to Pandora. You guys have a great mix of music. I wish you guys would find the back alley bands that don't have the chance to get to the bigger venues. There's a lot of talented people who don't get that small chance that they need and deserve. Keep up the great work. Thanks you
  2. William Irvin
    October 01, 2015 at 9:55pm
    Congratulations Tim on Pandora and a job well done! Every free moment I get a chance to listen is my personal reward to myself. It's a chance to relax into my customized "listening retreat " after a work day. Music definitely provides a fresh perspective on how one views the world. Thanks again, my "thumbs up" for a job well done!
  3. Chris
    February 18, 2016 at 9:51am
    Hi Tim- hoping this message gets to you! I think it's great Pandora has lasted 10 yrs. I currently listen every day, and I've been a loyal listener since 2007. Pandora has the best selection of music I've found, as far as online radio goes. There is though, a serious problem I've continually been having over last 3 yrs with my Pandora account: it keeps getting compromised. I use the mobile app mainly. I've written to customer support many times. They do the password reset etc but that's just temporary fix. Weird glitchy things happen with my profile and account all the time, then it gets hacked again. I never get any explanation why this keeps happening. I've had to change my password about 35 times! Do you ever hear about these security problems? I think there's a security vulnerability that make it too easy for hackers. Pandora needs to beef up their security, as well as remove the Facebook plugin. My Pandora profile just recently had my Facebook photo appear when I didn't have Facebook linked to my Pandora account! I really wish you could investigate this matter to prevent this from happening in future. Thank you.

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