When I speak their name, it evokes feelings of dancing in mystical, magic fields, of firefly’s and dandelions flying in the wind…Of Monsters and Men.


The Sydney State Theatre was a flawless venue choice for the OMAM gig. With beautiful, ornate chandeliers, historic gilted walls and sweeping staircases combined with OMAM’s enchanting melodies, we felt like we were entering a fairy tale. 

“Crystals” was being performed as Jackie, my fellow folk rock devotee, and I found our seats. But, alas, “King and Lionheart” got us back on our feet. We were told to go closer to the stage if we wanted to dance. Closer to the stage? We couldn’t get there fast enough as “Empire”, “Slow Life” and “Human” filled the theatre.

Jackie and I twirled our way through the crowd, until we were so close to Nanna and Ragner, we could see their guitar picks. This was just in time for a favourite of ours; “Mountain Sound”.

Here we stayed for the remainder of the performance, getting swallowed by the swaying crowd as we sang loudly out of tune to songs like “Lakehouse” and “Six Weeks”. The indie folk band didn’t seem to mind and treated us to “Dirty Paws” and “Silhouettes” for their encore, concluding with the moving, “We Sink”.

Seeing this six-piece Icelandic group live is a spiritual experience. They have the ability to convey a plethora of human emotions with their hauntingly striking vocals, rhythmic acapella and mixture of regimental drumming and brass.

To experience Of Monsters and Men’s dulcet tones, listen on Pandora.

Words: Cherie Brady, Ad Operations, Pandora Australia
Image: Jackie Dunfee, Ad Operations, Pandora Australia 


  1. Leslie Stockton
    July 28, 2015 at 7:20am
    I luv the Pan .. I listen to the Pan .. I like the Pan .. there :) have a great day guys ..

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