It started on a typical day in the office, as we log on for the day and do the standard social media checks, I notice Mötley Crüe supported by Alice Cooper announce their Final Tour, and they’re coming to Australia! CC, my hardrock work buddy, and I screech like a pair of electric guitars and exclaim; “We NEED to go!!” Tickets are bought and excited anticipation engulfs us.

The big day finally arrives and we start off with a few bevvies at a local pub, pondering what dirty music enjoyment the boys have in store for us. Will Tommy Lee ride his 360 degree Drum Coaster? Will Alice Cooper be able to stand up?

We rock up to the arena and a myriad of tattooed, pierced, hardcore Cooper and Crüe fans surround us and sweep us into the sweaty, smoky, rocking crowd. Alice Cooper is in the middle of his set, wearing his signature top hat and make up. This dude’s still got it. CC and I sing along to “Poison”, “Feed My Frankenstein” and of course, “School’s Out”.

Mr. Cooper’s set finishes and we eagerly await Vince, Tommy and Nikki to take to the stage. The arena goes pitch black, a hush falls over the crowd, an electric guitar chord goes off along with an explosion of fireworks and the boys strut onto stage singing “We are the Saints of Los Angeles” and the crowd goes wild!

They follow this with classics such as “Wild Side”, “Primal Scream” and “Same Ol’ Situation” with the audience screaming along to every single word.


The crowd continue to rock out to the Crüe’s well known tunes – “Looks that Kill”, “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” and “Shout at the Devil”. After “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” plays, Tommy Lee takes to “The Crucifier”, an impressive, roller coaster with his massive drum kit attached. He proceeds to do a manic drum solo, riding this roller coaster wave while turning upside down. It. Was. Crazy. Girls were screaming “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy”, hoping to catch the Casanova’s eye.

Vince, Tommy and Nikki maybe a bit grey around the edges and have a few more wrinkles but they are still definitely glam rock royalty!

The boys played a few more classics, suitably concluding the concert with “Home Sweet Home”. CC and I left feeling that we got a super dose of Mötley Crüe with a healthy side of Alice Cooper, happy that us “Girls, Girls, Girls” made their final tour.

Cherie Brady, Pandora, Sydney

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