In order to achieve our company vision of unleashing the infinite power of music, we are continually innovating and iterating. We constantly evolve both our technology and design to provide the best music platform for listeners, advertisers and artists.

Today, I’m very excited to unveil our latest innovation, the beta release of Pandora’s Station Personalisation interface on iOS and Android. The design of this latest update is part of our ongoing dedication to innovate the UX and UI across platforms, and as a result, provide effortless music discovery and listening for more than 75 million listeners each month.

The principles of simplicity and clarity serve as the heart of the evolved design, which features:

New Transitions & Animations

We’ve added a number of subtle new transitions and animations that let us communicate to our listeners in a clear, simple, intuitive way. By flying the visual indication of the station and the station name out from the station list into the Now Playing screen, we’re building the Now Playing screen, building the station, and driving a sense of place into the listening experience.

01_nowplaying (1)

The Personalisation Icon & Station Details

We’ve introduced the Personalisation Icon in the top right of the Now Playing screen. Tapping on the new Personalisation Icon will take the listener to a brand new Station Details screen. This screen allows listeners yet another way to look at their station history and view the number of thumbs up and thumbs down for that station. Listeners can also rename the station, add variety to the listening experience of that station and see what artist or songs the station was created from.03_stationdetails

Evolving Thumbs

Listener feedback, through thumbing, is integral to personalisation on Pandora so we’ve increased the visual recognition giving thumbs. We’ve paired this with effortless access to core station functionality: view station history, swipe back to view what’s played on the station, adjust a thumb and get artist details. Accidentally thumb down a song? Just swipe back to view that song and change your thumb down to a thumb up. Want to dig into information about the song you’re listening to? Simply tap the song/artist name or swipe up to reveal song details.


We’re excited about this latest refresh to the Pandora experience, and look forward to the continual innovation that will unleash the power of music for listeners, advertisers and artists. We hope these latest updates help our listeners further personalize their stations and discover more music and artists they love. Happy listening!


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