I am incredibly excited to announce that as of today Pandora is available for download on Xbox One devices in Australia and New Zealand! Listening to the perfect soundtrack for your favourite Xbox gaming session is now possible.

Pandora for Xbox One is a best-in-class application native to Xbox One and loaded with really exciting and innovative new features. We customized our HTML5-based Pandora for TV interface specifically for the Xbox One, and also stayed true to Pandora’s mission of being the effortless source of music for Pandora listeners. Pandora on Xbox One takes advantage of all the functionality the platform has to offer and our team built the application to look amazing on the biggest screen in your home.


Our Xbox One listeners will have more ways to get to their favorite music as quickly as possible as Pandora for Xbox One provide users with two new views, one of which displays recently listened to stations and the other which displays cumulative time spent on specific stations. Pandora for Xbox One also includes a persistent mini-player, which provides quick access to playback controls while browsing within the application. Listeners can also interact with Pandora using Kinect Gestures and Voice Commands, and lastly, Xbox One listeners will be able to Snap Pandora to the screen in order to simultaneously listen to Pandora and play a favorite game.

Gaming consoles, especially the Xbox One, are immensely important devices for Pandora; they are the “most interacted with” device in the home after TVs with 65% of all Australians being gamers*. More importantly, we know that gaming and Pandora listening are a natural fit. In the US 76% of our male listeners ages 13-34, who identify themselves as console gamers report that Pandora often serves as their background music while gaming. We are thrilled to offer our Australian and New Zealand customers a seamless way to listen to their favourite stations while anywhere and anytime.

By Rick Gleave, Director – Business Development ANZ

*PWC Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-2018


  1. Dakota
    June 26, 2015 at 6:11pm
    If your able to snap it in the background it would be perfect.

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