Funny stuff is happening at Pandora!

This week marks two years since Pandora launched the Comedy Genome Project. Just like our music stations, Pandora Comedy is designed to give our listeners a personalized listening experience to help them discover comedy they love, while providing artists with radio airplay and a new way to connect with fans.


Since May 2011, our Comedy collection has grown from 10,000 comedy tracks to over 25,000 tracks, and from 700 to 1,700 comedians. Each of those tracks has been analyzed according to specific comedy traits before being added to the collection.  We’ve captured exclusive content at performances in both New York and Los Angeles and hosted live comedy sessions at our Oakland HQ for comics Jason Love, Don Friesen, Beth Stelling, Will Durst, Ian Karmel, and Kevin Avery. Since the launch, we have also doubled the number of comedy genre stations with exciting additions like Women in Comedy, Alternative Comedy, and Latino Comedy

Some additional fun facts:

  • 65% of our comedy listeners are male
  • The top five types of jokes our listeners spin are Satirical Observations, Subject Explorations, Jokes About Personal Relationships, Shock Humor and Dark Humor
  • On April Fool’s Day in 2013, we saw a 47% spike in listeners

Pandora Comedy is ready to keep you laughing this year with new episodes of our video series, “Jest Talk,” featuring interviews with your favorite working comedians. We’ve also been checking out comedy festivals across the country so that we can bring you the latest jokes, like the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland and the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin; we’ll also be at the Just for Laughs Festivals in Chicago and Montreal this summer. And of course, our Comedy team works tirelessly every day to bring a comprehensive, hilarious comedy listening experience to our listeners who need a laugh at home, on the go, or during the work day.

It’s an incredible privilege and a total blast being Pandora’s Comedy Curator. I’m so excited to be part of extending our founder Tim’s mission to connect all artists with their fan base and offer professional funny folk everywhere the chance to grow their audiences.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Pandora blog for programming updates from me and other exciting Pandora Comedy news!


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