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2015 In Dance Music On Pandora

We dug in to find out what fans of dance music liked in 2015. Check out our most-played 2015 releases across five big genres: Dubstep, Trap, Deep & Future House, Tropical House, Chill & Indie. Turns out there were some surprises!

Party Ben on #MusicologistMonday

Like a lot of ‘80s kids, I was a big fan of synth popearly hip hopnew wave and The Smiths, and I was obsessed with the radio. I was a bit of a weirdo growing up in mylittle Nebraska town, but music was evidence of an outside world where there were people like me—and radio was a connection to that world. When the weather was just right, I could dial in Omaha stations, catch “Rock Over London,” “Dr. Demento,” a hip hop show or weekend dance mix. Any chance I had to travel (marching band trip to Denver!), I’d obsessively record radio broadcasts on my little Walkman, and these tapes were my prized possessions.
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