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Serial is coming to Pandora

Are you one of the millions hooked on Serial after Season 1? Heard about it but haven’t listened yet? Well, you’ll be excited to hear that Pandora is now the exclusive streaming partner for Serial Season 2!

For those unfamiliar, Serial is a weekly podcast from the creators of This American Life that follows one story – a true story – throughout an entire season.  Season 1, an investigation of a Baltimore murder, launched in October 2014 and drew rave reviews, becoming the most popular podcast ever.

Pandora is all about discovery and this gives us a great opportunity – not only to offer each of you a great new experience, but to help Serial expand its audience.

We can’t share when Season 2 will launch, or what it’s about (both are highly guarded secrets). Serial Season 1 will be available for all Pandora listeners starting Tuesday, November 24, right before the Thanksgiving holiday, so you can tune in for the first time or listen again.


Tim (Founder)