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Picks of the Week

Neon Indian shines in the dark.

At its best, retro art can dance on the razor’s edge between ironic pastiche and celebratory revival. Neon Indian’s electrifying third album VEGA INTL Night School arrives like a radio broadcast from 1985 with fizzy bursts of Scritti Politti and Ready For the World, reimagining synthpop like Random Access Memories reimagined disco. –Party Ben


Don’t forget the song.

Though Beachwood Sparks’ fruitful family tree yielded FrausdotsFurtherThe TydeFarmer DaveFairechildPainted HillsAll Night RadioMystic Chords of MemoryLilys and Strictly Ballroom – GospelbeacH is the closest falling apple. Pacific Surfline debuts with sun-flared vocal harmonies and Neil Casal’s twang-jam guitar leads. But it’s Brent Rademaker’s beautiful songs that stay with you. –Eric Shea\


Nineties style buzz and howl from Soda City!

With such an introspective title (solivagant means solitary wanderer), we were expecting Solivagant In Spring to be way more wistful and melancholic. Instead, the oddly named Fk. Mt. (does that stand for what we think it does?) deliver a gloriously bloody-knuckled blast of fuzzed out, stoner-grunge, noise-pop crush. –Andee Connors

Fat Freddy’s Drop sails its soulful blend of reggae and funk from New Zealand to the world.

Fans of Joe Dukie won’t be disappointed; the new album delivers the sound you fell in love with and takes it into the future. From the full horn section to DJ Mu’s beat production, FFD bring NZ to the US again on Bays.  –J Boogie

Ten years in, Deerhunter produce some of their best work yet.

Yielding a discography drenched in claustrophobic garage rock, Bradford Cox and group sound at ease on Fading Frontier with delicate production and contributions from members of Stereolab and Broadcast. The album is low-key, but never loses its flair, making it one of Deerhunter’s most graceful sets of their career. –Michelle Solomon

Jay Mohr is Happy. And a Lot.

The comedy veteran’s newest special may have been written entirely by his wife, Nikki Cox, but his delivery is pure Mohr. He reveals his undying love of the film Showgirls, his undying hatred of irony and unleashes his uncanny Norm MacDonald impression, casting his former SNL colleague as a Lifetime Original Movie-esque murderer. –Kelly Anneken

In Search Of Space…(Fusion!)

Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner enlists members of GongSoft MachineAmon Düül IIMahavishnu OrchestraThe Doors and Megadeth(!) for this far out Space Fusion Odyssey, wrapping squiggly guitars, fluttering flutes and woozy bass in swirls of cosmic effects. It’s like some classic ECM release dipped in LSD or Hawkwind on a serious jazz-fusion bender! –Andee Connors

All hail the Queen of New Age!

Orinoco Flow” is the single that helped Enya cross over in the late ‘80s from new age artist to a mega chart-topping force. Now, nearly 30 years later, with “Echoes In Rain,” the first single off the upcoming Dark Sky Island, she is as ethereal and grandiose as ever. Welcome back! –Michelle Solomon