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New Alternative…For When You Don’t Want To Just Discover New Songs, But New Artists

We created the New Alternative station for adventurous music fans; we play brand new songs from your favorite artists today, but we’re also here to help you find your new favorite band. And hopefully you’ll go on to share the music with your friends. With that in mind, brave tastemaker, here are some of our favorite new discoveries.

1. Zipper Club– “Going The Distance

After Mason James returned home from touring with his thrash-punk-revivalist band Cerebral Ballzy, he set out to create music with a very different focus. Step one: get legendary guitarist James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) on board to produce the project. Step two: partner up with indie rock chanteuse Lissy Trullie. Step three: release “Going The Distance” and become your new favorite band.

2. Mainland– “Beggars

This is a band that truly sounds like a product of their environment: they all come from California, but they became a band in NYC. The result is a repertoire of songs that sound sunny and fun on the surface (like California,) but that also have a sort of sleazy, seedy undercurrent (like NYC.) Discover them now, tell your friends, make out with a stranger.

3. Coast Modern– “Guru

If Sublime had been art school students instead of beach bros, they might have written a song like “Guru.” If MGMT didn’t take themselves so seriously, they might have written a song that sounds like Coast Modern’s previous single, “Hollow Life.” Coast Modern played their first live show less than six months ago, but you can see them on tour now with the Temper Trap.

4. SULK– “No Illusions

London’s SULK have been at it for several years, but it’s time that they are introduced to music fans here in the USA. It’s hard to talk about SULK without the inevitable 1990s Brit-pop comparisons (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, etc.), but “No Illusions” is not derivative. SULK is a band that sounds like they would have been contemporaries, not followers, of the best of those ‘90s Brit-pop bands.

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