Pandora Blog

Back at the Helm

Last week I returned to the CEO job at Pandora, and it feels like home.

I spent the first week among our employees – in Oakland, Los Angeles and New York. 2300 strong. It was invigorating and inspiring.  The passion for music, for the company and for our mission runs very deep.

I have loved this company intensely for 16 years now. From the very inception of the Music Genome Project and the early days of invention and improvisation, to today when we have become a massive music service providing billions of hours of enjoyment to listeners and a powerful promotional platform for tens of thousands of artists.

I have never been more clear on our purpose and never more certain that we’re on the right path to achieving it. And the energy is palpable all across the company. Everyone inside Pandora is full of excitement about what’s ahead.

There is nothing so powerful as a team united behind a shared sense of mission and passion. We remain steadfastly focused on making your music experience better. Almost every day brings a new learning or insight on how to pick better songs for every listener. It’s a our labor of love.

Speaking of… Have you tried your Thumbprint Radio station? I’m addicted.