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Another Big Step Towards Artist Empowerment: Pandora & Next Big Sound

In September of last year we launched the Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) with Artist Insights, a tool that allows every musician on Pandora to view their entire audience and listening history on the service. Thousands of musicians have since claimed their identity and they, as well as their managers, bookers and labels are using the information daily to help plan tours, decide set lists and understand their fans. In February, we added Artist Audio Messaging—a new product enabling direct communication between artists and these fans. Millions of targeted audio messages have already been broadcast from this innovative new system, alerting listeners to new records and local shows from their favorite artists.

Today, we are adding another layer to this platform with the agreement to acquire Next Big Sound, the leading provider of online music analytics. Like us, Next Big Sound has been focused for years on transforming the music industry through data. By folding in their broad data architecture and applying it to our nearly 80 million active monthly users, we will be poised to become the most powerful and effective marketing and promotions tool for artists, managers, agents, publishers, promoters, labels and brands across the music industry.

Whether it’s introducing a new song, promoting a local show, measuring the impact of a campaign, identifying high potential artists or simply building a fan club, Pandora AMP will be able to solve all the intractable problems that have plagued working artists for decades.

This acquisition will bring us one step closer to the dream I envisioned back at the founding of Pandora, inspired by my own years as a touring musician: to give talented working artists a shot at lifelong careers; for every music maker a global marketing and communications platform at their fingertips.

And there’s more to come. Stay tuned.