Hey all,
Thanks for the voluminous replies to last week’s post! It’s good to know that we’re having an impact on peoples’ musical worlds, and it’s even better to see how varied that impact is. The music does something different to everyone, I suppose…
Last week’s post went so well that I thought I’d follow up with a slightly thornier survey this week.
When you’re listening to Pandora and a song comes up that doesn’t seem like it belongs (yes, it does happen!), can you describe in detail what’s happening, within your listening, that brings you to that evaluation?
I’m asking for your internal mental play-by-play. Is the music you reject amateurish? Is it not the style you expected? Is there some deeper “inner ear” that makes the judgement?
Please give me a window into your aesthetic worlds…


  1. Cassandra
    September 23, 2007 at 10:29am
    It depends on the station. I have one that I have a broad range of music that I can listen to at most any time, while writing, working on homework, reading, relaxing, etc. On that station, its mostly only if the song just really bothers me for some reason, or just doesn't fit. Sometimes though, those songs fit better in more specific stations. In the more specific stations, I have more difficulty. I have a folk/bluegrass station built from Nickel Creek, so anything too much like the mainstream rock goes. In that one, I want the acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and such, not the electric guitar or heavy drumming. Those go. I have the most difficulty with a station I built from Flogging Molly. I love their fusion of punk and celtic roots. My trouble is that the songs either veer into traditional rock/punk styles without the celtic influence, or they leave out the punk. Its difficult to get songs with both. Part of it is the apparent scarcity of such songs. As far as that goes, the best I can do is be persistent and keep searching for new song seeds that exemplify the style I want. It would be nice if we were given a chance to specifiy what it is about a song or artist we like, to better fine tune a station.

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