From what I can tell, there are two main types of Pandora listeners: the “I have a single station that contains everything I like” listeners, and the “I have separate stations for each artist, mood, flavor, and occasion” listeners.
Personally, I tend much more towards the latter (especially since I can mix all my stations with the Quick Mix button if I want to). But I can be an adventurous fellow, and so I’m curious to know what your station-creation strategies, habits, superstitions, and obsessions are. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my stripes?
In that spirit, this week’s Play Listen Repeat asks: how do you make your stations? Got any tips for other listeners? Have you developed a station-creation system that you’d like to share?
I’m very curious.
ps – the response to last week’s post was amazing. Just for kicks, I made a mega-station from every single artist seed anyone put in last week. Not to get sentimental, but it’s our very first station! If you’re feeling brave, check it out here.
pps – bonus points for anyone who can think of good names for the two main types of station creators. My names: bears and squirrels.


  1. Bill Silver
    February 05, 2007 at 4:09pm
    When you say something like this: I am a hybrid of the two types of listeners. I have two "catch all" stations, Tony's Favorite Music which gets a lot of the songs I like and Estrogen High which is a collection of songs of only female vocals. I also have stations which are based on a single artist or song. ... But I'd have to agree.

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