It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been just 9 weeks since we launched Pandora. In that time you’ve created over 1 million stations, starting from 70,000 unique songs and artists. I really can’t imagine a more gratifying response. Easily the best part of all of this has been interacting with many of you via email and in the blogosphere. Thanks for all the great product and music suggestions. It’s been a blast.
We’ve been busy working on the second version of Pandora and we’re launching today. We’re adding new features and an entirely new way to enjoy Pandora.
On the feature front, you’ve told us loud and clear that you want a way to keep track of the music you’re discovering on Pandora. So we’ve added a “favorites” feature that lets you add songs to your very own Pandora personal page. Just click on the album art when you hear a song you love and select “Add to Your Favorites Page” from the menu. Your favorites page is a great consolidated shopping list of all he music you’re discovering on Pandora. You can even share your personal page with friends — who knows maybe they’ll get the hint about what to get you the next time your birthday rolls around, There are easy links to Amazon and iTunes right on the page. We’ve also (finally) given you the ability to review and edit all of the work you’ve put into your stations. Just click the little triangle next to a station name and select “Edit this Station”. You’ll see all the feedback you’ve given (thumbs up/down) as well as the songs and artists you’ve added with the “Add More Kinds of Music” feature. Make changes till your heart’s content. You can even use this same feature to look at the definitions for stations that your friends have sent you. While those are the big, obvious new features, we’ve also been hard at work on playlist generation and we think you’ll find that Pandora does a better job now of responding quickly to your feedback and plays better musical mixes. This is a never-ending quest for us; expect playlists to get better each time we release a new version. That’s our core mission. This release we’ve made some very big strides with our Electronica playlists in particular. We think they’re much improved; let us know what you think! Finally we’ve been polishing up lots of little stuff throughout the interface. We think it’s the little things that matter, so we hope you like those changes too.
The other big piece of news is that we’ve opened the doors on an entirely new way to listen to Pandora. You see we’d planned to launch an ad-supported, free version of Pandora next year, but the sheer volume of new listeners that have found Pandora in the past 9 weeks led us to accelerate our timetable for offering the ad-supported, free version of Pandora. So, starting today, you have a choice: you can listen to ad-supported Pandora for free, or you can subscribe and experience an entirely ad-free version. It’s completely your choice. The service has exactly the same features either way. We’re still experimenting with the right way to bring advertising to Pandora, so you’ll notice us playing with different advertising forms over the coming months. We’d love to know what you think as we work through this. We’re dedicated to mixing advertising into the experience in a way that doesn’t detract from your music discovery experience.
So it’s been an incredible, busy, fun, exciting, exhausting, and thrilling couple of months here. We’re loving every minute of it. Thank you for being a part of it. As always, we love to hear your thoughts and critiques about what we’re doing. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or leave a comment here.
This is just the beginning. There’s lots of great stuff to come and we want your help in shaping the evolution of Pandora. It’s sure been a great collaboration so far.
CTO @ Pandora
PS: For those of you in the Bay Area, we’re really hoping to meet you tonight at the first Pandora meetup. We hope you can make it!


  1. Jim Geurts
    November 11, 2005 at 9:10am
    This new version rocks! and thanks for creating a free version too. I have a question, though. Is there a way to mash all of my stations into one master station? So that I get a random song that fits into my overall listening preference. Even if it would be a feature in a future version of Pandora. Anyway, keep up the great work!
  2. Jeff Schiller
    November 11, 2005 at 10:10am
    Amazing! I love Pandora, just discovered it this morning. A couple comments: 1) Experienced several server "hiccups" today - not sure if this is because the spike in traffic due to the recent blog coverage or what...need to fix that. 2) Should display the album title (at least in a tooltip), going to the Amazon link isn't the best way and sometimes the album title is not visible on the picture. 3) Should display a visible indication how far along the track has been played. I understand that a user can't control this because of your streaming licenses (or whatever) but a visible indication would still be welcome. Between the pause button and volume slider... 4) Being nice and flashy, it'd be nice to be able to zoom out to my entire playlist in a grid-like window that shows all songs not in a linear line.
  3. Frank Germano
    November 11, 2005 at 10:52am
    Just wanted to say thank you... Thank you for creating what I believe to be the best internet application to date! I know that's a strong statement, but in 10+ years of doing internet and interactive design and development this endeavor has to rank at the top of my killer application list. Pandora has taken an amazingly complex problem and provided the most simple and elegant solution one could imagine. Lightweight, practical, and usable -- you almost couldn't ask for anything more. Almost... ;) I'm currently longing for the day when I can easily and seamlessly access my stations from anywhere... work, car, home, device, etc. Well done. /frank
  4. Ryan
    November 11, 2005 at 11:36am
    Way to go guys, I just saw this on Digg and it is awesome!!!
  5. Scott Caudell
    November 11, 2005 at 1:28pm
    Most excellent software. The friend route on finding music for me was leaving much to be desired. My musical tastes are just too different now from the people I know. Thank you so much for creating this service and solving that need for me. This is the type of innovation that makes the internet such a great place. The one and only suggestion I can make for this software would be the ability to stream to an airtunes device. I have found a way to do this but find the process pretty cumbersome. If you could find a way to make this as easy as finding great new music - that would be truly incredible. Thanks again for the great work!
  6. Imazine
    November 11, 2005 at 4:27pm
    Pandora Si vous avez l’ame légère, allez voir Pandora, essayez Pandora, écoutez Pandora & découvrez les sons que vous aimerez. Benoit m’en avait parlé il y a déjà un moment mais je viens de prendre le temps de découvrir & j&#8217...
  7. JP Yun
    November 11, 2005 at 4:28pm
    Fantastic... ridiculously so. I mean, seriously. Genious.
  8. Nathan Chase
    November 11, 2005 at 4:29pm
    Fantastic work. I've been an Audioscrobbler/ user for some time, and now I will definitely be spending some quality time with Pandora. I appreciate the work involved getting the Flash interface to work so nicely with all the dynamic data. My hat's off to you all on a job well done. I'll be looking to see what else you add in the future. Good Luck!
  9. Dave
    November 11, 2005 at 5:34pm
    Simple and brilliant!! Its one of them things you have to tell everyone about! Almost everyone's been impressed, the playlists seam to occasionally go a bit wacky after a few hours, but that could just be me. I need never go anywhere else for music! really impressed with the quality of the stream as well, i hear rumours its 128k, but it sounds a lot better somehow. The interface is just genius as well, the whole package just works as expected.
  10. Jeff Satchwill
    November 11, 2005 at 5:59pm
    This is amazing... I love it... I've been playing around with it for the past 3 hours and have already found several songs that I didn't know I loved. And also found some songs that I forgot I loved. Thanks for an AMAZING service.

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