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Pandora Podcast #19: Synthesis

Our newest free musicology show, “Synthesis,” shows you how to twist a sine wave or a sawtooth wave into a variety of sonic balloon animals: a helicopter sound, a twinkly organ, a percussive pluck, a slow-build pad, or a trancey rave synth.

The guest is Pandora’s Music Operations Manager, Steve Hogan, and Steve is no stranger to a triangular filter sweep or a square LFO. We also get to experience Steve using his vocoder, which makes that crazy electronic voice tone that you hear Imogen Heap and Laurie Anderson use.
To see Steve and his synthesizer, and to hear these kinds of sounds used in songs by the Beatles, Dr. Dre, the Cars, Kraftwerk, ELP, the Killers and more, go directly to the Episode 19 page. When you’re done, come talk to us the twisted waveforms that you love or try to avoid. All of our past shows are now organized by category on the main podcast page.
Fast n’ bulbous,