Hey there… are you in Las Vegas this week? Several of us are in town for CES, and would love to meet you in person.
Monday through Wednesday (7 Jan through 9 Jan), we will be in the CES Concierge Tent, and the Pandora crew has put together a few fun shows for you.
A live music trivia game show, with gallons of prizes, both for the contestants and for the people sitting in the audience.
We show how Pandora’s musicologists look at a new song. It’s a step-by-step simulation of the way we bring a new song to your stations. For this 3pm show, there… will… be… beer. Laws prohibit us from saying how much this beer costs (if that tells you anything).
Come on down and say hello, eh?
Pictured above is the fantastic John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, a wonderful non-profit organization which I’ll write more about later. It’s a truly inspiring project designed to bring recording and musicmaking technology into the hands and minds of young students. Pictured L-R here are Will.I.Am, Yoko Ono, Natasha Bedingfield, and Pat Monahan.
p.s.: a less pixelated version of the above photograph coming soon


  1. Georgia Haynes
    December 23, 2010 at 4:43am
    I am 67 and love Pandora. Have smart phone and for Xmas just got bluetooth headphones, so I can listen to Pandora from my smart phone as I move around the house and in my car and walking my dog. (I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho so come here too.)

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