Hello again,
For your Friday afternoon and weekend pleasure, here’s this week’s list of nuggets!
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Smoker by DMBQ. If you even so much as have a passing interest in Zeppelin, you might want to bend an ear to this spiky, crushing masterpiece by the Japanese improvisational hard rock / experimental band. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time. LOVE IT.

He Poos Clouds by Final Fantasy. Astounding orchestral arrangements framing theatrical songs, sung by a thin-voiced genius. This record was released about a month ago. It’s cool and odd.
Rock and Roll Records by J.J. Cale. A typically perfect, understated gem from the low key master.
Avalon by Mississippi John Hurt. Delta blues acoustic guitar picker Mississippi John Hurt is a great example of a guitarist with incredible technique who chooses to use his powers for good rather than evil. The song is king, but the guitar playing is rich in all the right ways.
Splidium-Dow by Mal Waldron. I met Mal Waldron in a record store in Northampton, Massachussetts a long time ago. An underrated jazz pianist in the US, he lived in Germany for most of his adult life.
Holiday by Bee Gees. Lots of people don’t know about the Bee Gees’ pre-Saturday Night Fever work. If you like colorful 60’s pop, you’re in for a treat, because there are a bunch of totally lovable early Bee Gees records out there to be discovered. This is just one melodic and bitterweet gem among a great many. Early Bee Gees, people, check em out!
Half a Million Miles from Home by Diane Cluck. This particular song starts with these lines: “Have I told you how I like to see a man submit to ecstacy, with all his inhibitions free and moaning like his mother? Close his eyes and float from me, ecstatic in his buoyancy, cut loose and warm as he can be, adrift in beatless wonder.” Nope, but I guess now you have. It’s not easy to say things like that while keeping the music engaging, lovely, and even sing-along-able. She’s a leader if you ask me. Great record.
Internal Crash by Loquat. This super-lovely piano ballad comes up on my Pandora stations a lot, and is so dang beautiful that it just has to be heard by more folks. Loquat is a local band that’s on the Jackpine Social Club label. They are starting work on their second album these days.
Baby Blue by Badfinger. The tragic tale of Badfinger is almost as well known as their huge hit “Day After Day.” This is a great, fuzzy pop song that showcases their great vocal harmonies, cool guitar riffs, and lovable ear for melody.
Money-Man by Poo Poodles. A bit of outsider lo-fi joy. The songs are incredibly short, funny, and if you ask me, charmingly nihilistic. Titles include “Freddie Mercury is Punker Than You, Punk!,” “Little Flower (Please Don’t Eat The),” and “Little Bastard Girl.” Kind of like Ween or The Shaggs.
Brandy by O’Jays. Touching soul tune which I’m pretty sure is about his dog. I like the hook.
and in the coveted last spot:
Mandy by Barry Manilow. Awesome. Seriously. If you don’t like this, you really need to get more in touch with your feelings. It does have one of those 1/2 step modulations at the end which is just unnecessary, because it’s pure swoonabililty from start to finish.
see you next time!


  1. Jeffrey Burr
    June 09, 2006 at 3:00pm
    Michael, you are my hero. Konnichiwa from fascinating Sapporo! This Pandora blog is now my sick way of keeping in touch with our cozy little office culture. Curiously, I never checked it out while I was coming in every day to churn out the analyses. What fun we are having here. It really makes me wish I had time to actually use my Pandora account! I will also try to research some interesting Japanese music while here. Do we have any "Guitar Wolf"?
  2. Michael Zapruder
    June 10, 2006 at 1:16am
    Jefe-san! Glad to hear you're tuning in from the far east. I'm 49% jealous and 51% really excited for you that you get to be there. Just kidding I'm 100% happy for you and 100% jealous. In a good way. We do have Guitar Wolf, but please dig up some music. Let me know what you find out, and if you see one, pick up one of those Yamaha Midi-Lump X1000s for me. I hear they're only available in the land of the rising sun. ohayo gozaimas, mz
    June 13, 2006 at 5:53pm
    I discovered you after reading an article in the local newspaper (La Nacion) in San Jose, Costa Rica. I love it but the conection drops about every 10 seconds. I understand that this could be caused by the number of links involved. I am a professional mariner and therefore am away from broadband most of the time which is sad because as a dedicated musicphile I love what you are doing. (Good) radio died 30 years ago and I had given up but now with Pandora I am writing down names and searching for so many groups that I never heard of (and believe me I have heard a lot). Thanks. Maybe the internet will boost record sales and not kill the industry as they say. Of course the Industry has shot itself in both feet and may never walk again. Not my problem. Thanks for caring. Neal Jones
  4. Mark Drexelius
    June 21, 2006 at 5:58am
    Zap - lovely site. Ebsqueeks tuned me in, and I am now a Pandora evangelist! Check out the scene in Louisville - my adopted home town - Ten Months Later, Peter Searcy, Ultratone, Digby, Hells 1/2 Acre to name a few - lots of great local bands making great music... Currently living large in London, UK so hope to get a chance to see you on your world tour!!! Drex

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