To paraphrase Gloria Estefan: The rhythm is gonna get you. The rhythm is gonna get you. The rhythm is gonna… okay, it just repeats from there.

Jeff Anthony is back, and he brought his drumsticks as well as his brushes this time. For this new, absolutely free show, Jeff and I jump into swing and shuffle. He plays different beats that work in reggae, punk, jazz and country, and we show the distinct similarities between these percussive patterns. Hear the subtle variations that make for one-drop reggae and double-time jazz! Marvel at the train beat that gets used in rockabilly and country! Dissect the unique style that Stewart Copeland developed with the Police! Fun for the whole family.
Check it out here, and don’t forget to play the audio examples further down on the page.

Jeff and I will be checking out the comments page all day long, answering your questions and talking shop. Please come say hello. Enjoy!



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