Hello once again from the busy world of Pandora’s music collection!
It’s been an amazing few months since I last posted, and the first thing I want to do is to thank everyone who has sent in either music or music requests to us. Your suggestions help us immensely, so thank you! Please, keep the ideas coming.
Starting next week, I will be resuming my weekly blogs about some of the most interesting records in our collection, and I would love to hear peoples’ ideas for a name for these blogs.
As a few of you (hopefully!) might remember, the previous blogs went by the name “No Mainstream Fridays,” which let’s face it is pretty dang unsexy when you come right down to it.
It’s time to switch to a name that’s more lyrical and inspiring than that; a name that can hang with the incredible music the blog will be highlighting…. And that’s where you come in….
Since our collection benefits so much from your suggestions, it stands to reason that you folks will have great ideas for a name for this series, too, right?
Here are a few possible titles to get things started:
the miner’s headlamp
ghosts in the machine
silver surfer

leaves of grease
the undergrounder
the listening eye
innocence mission
white papers
catcher in the rye
roads girdle the globe
the complicator
tom waits for no man
music for air, land and sea
suggest away…!
ps – and here’s a little treat for this weekend: They Cannot Let it Expand by Midlake.


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