Sometimes people ask us what kinds of music the Pandora staff listens to. Truly, I think every possible genre of music is represented in our office in terms of what employees listen to for fun. I asked around at the office to see if my co-workers had any favorite stations they’d like to share, stations that have been carefully curated to produce pleasing results. Here’s a handful of them for your listening pleasure; I’ll post another couple rounds over the next few weeks.
If you have a station you’re particularly proud of, whether it came together easily or with a lot of work, please tell us about it in the comments and link to the station page so we can take a look/listen!
Matt, our marketing and analytics guru, is particularly proud of his Classic Soul and Go-Go station, which he explains: “Go-Go has nothing to do with Belinda Carlisle or 60s dancers in boots. It’s a drum-heavy flavor of soul/funk local to my hometown, Washington, D.C. Chuck Brown and Trouble Funk are some of Go-Go’s biggest names. This station plays some classic soul grooves as well as some unique Go-Go that is rarely heard (until now) by folks other than D.C. locals.”
Eric, an engineer and Pandora’s second ever employee back in 2000, is a big fan of his Digichill station. He says he can work to this electronic station all day long.
Michelle, who is on the music buying team, recently put together a ’60s Garage Nuggets station. See the station page for her interesting description and the long list of little-known artist seeds.
“Addi,” one of our hip-hop/rap specialists and the professional DJ for the San Francisco Giants ballpark, offers up his favorite station, Pass the Peas, a mostly instrumental funk station that he says is ideal for parties. (now you have an excuse to have a party!)
(Keep reading, there’s more….)

Alyssa, who greets visitors as they walk in the door at our office, loves Nerdy Boys Radio, which is based on just one song; she says it’s her most fun and eclectic station, and that it was perfect “right out of the box,” requiring very little feedback to perfect it.
And me? My favorite station is Radio Lucia, dating back to that fateful night I first logged on to Pandora, back before I worked here. I started by adding every artist that I could think of that I liked. Over time I’ve done a lot of tuning of the station. I’ve come to lean more toward song seeds than artist seeds as they’re so much more precise. I make a lot of one-artist or one-song stations to check them out (the Benny Goodman station is amazing), but I always go back to my composite station.
Your turn to share!
Cheers, Lucia


  1. Dan
    April 20, 2007 at 3:58pm
    I love the "Show all" on the station profile but isn't the most logical addition a "play all" that will play all the clips?

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