Above: St. Vincent’s Annie Clark
Hello all,
Greetings from the big apple! I’m here at the CMJ Music Marathon, meeting people and seeing bands. Yesterday I ended up spending many hours mixing with people and socializing during the day, which was good fun of course, but I can’t tell you how necessary the music felt when I finally got down to the Knitting Factory to meet our podcast maestro Kevin Seal.
Just a thought for the day.
Without evaluation, here are some of the bands I’ve heard so far. I hope they will make interesting starting points for music discovery for y’all:
St. Vincent
His Name is Alive
The Mohawk Lodge
Adrian Orange and her Band
Saturday Looks Good to Me
Artanker Convoy
will post more soon…


  1. d2
    December 05, 2009 at 11:20am
    Fela's music is in English

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