I had no idea what to expect from Podcamp NYC. Predictions of a modern-day Wet Hot American Summer were soon disspelled: no underwear run up flagpoles, no basketweaving classes, no bug-juice-fueled hijinx between nubile young counselors.
Upon entrance, each of the 1300 registered participants was asked to sign a release form allowing his or her likeness to be displayed publicly. I thought this odd until I walked into a session and saw that many people there were taping and filming everything for their own podcasts. A vortex of cameras and microphones, with nearly every person recording every other person. Is this the future?

Podcamp NYC also provided a chance to meet podcasting celebs such as Jason Van Orden (creator of the Podcasting Underground), Andrew Baron (writer/producer of Rocketboom.com and now podcast producer for the John Edwards campaign), C.C. Chapman (host of Accident Hash) and Amy Webb (the former Wall Street Journal reporter turned podworld chronicler).
It was also a chance to hear an array of Podsafe music. “Podsafe” means that the musician has agreed to have his or her composition included in podcasts for free. Podsafety is an extension of the Creative Commons, granting a one-time use license to our community of podcasters. I’m all for it.
The final night’s Big Rock Show at the Canal Room was a benefit for the Boomer Esiason Foundation’s fight to cure cystic fibrosis. As a lifelong Bengals fan, I was more than happy to support Team Boomer. Artists such as Her & King’s County (quite short-skirted and pictured above), Brother Love (pictured below), and Natalie Gelman all performed at Podcamp, and met with many of the show hosts who have been playing their songs. Keith and the Girl, hosts of the Keith and the Girl podcast, emceed.
My favorite panel of the weekend may have been the lineup with Canadian musician Jay Moonah from Uncle Seth and the Online Music Marketing show, Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity, DJ Copperhead from Next Big Hit, and Eric Skiff from Glitch NYC (all pictured below).
I learned a great deal, and was pleased to meet so many East Coast podcasters. With the Pandora Podcast Series still in its infancy, it was humbling to meet folks who are on Episode 320. Our Episode 10 goes up next Wednesday.


  1. Natalie Gelman
    April 18, 2007 at 9:15pm
    Thanks for the shout out Kevin! Take it easy :) ~Natalie

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