Nashville, Nashville. What can you say. There’s just no place quite like it. I knew I was headed there when half the people I boarded the plane with were carrying instrument cases…
Had a terrific couple days. Started with pancakes at the Pancake Pantry, with the camera crew from DigForFire who have joined us for the roadtrip (keep an eye out for some cool road trip videos coming soon…they’re a very talented bunch – if you have a minute check out their great live video of St. Vincent performing live at Other Music in NYC… check it out) –
Picture 6.png
I recommend the ‘sugar and spice’ pancakes. Betty, who’s been slinging dishes for 37 years there took great care of us. Sweetheart. The extra carbs wound up coming in handy… what a day it became…

Quick jaunt to Grimey’s record store for my usual ‘fill ‘er up ‘ of local music, and recommendations for what I should do that night. Great indie store jam packed with music, and knowledgeable sales folks… we dug into the Local Music bin…
Then on to a luncheon with A2iM – local chapter of a budding organization serving indie labels for a discussion about the future of their sector and how I hope Pandora will make a difference…. big priority for us. Thanks to Al “YouTube” McCree for the invitation. It was great as always to talk with the folks on the front line of the biz.
Picture 2.png
Everyone’s hard at work figuring out their future in a digital world. In spite of the pace of change, i think it’s a great time to be an indie label. The future is all about being nimble, and about people who have a real passion for music…
Raced over to a radio interview with Trippe Fried. Talked about the ‘survival’ years. Then jumped in a car to the burbs for a session watching the Gabe Dixon Band in pre-production for their upcoming record on Fantasy. Got to watch them go through painful, nit picking process of prepping a song for the studio, with their producer Neil driving from his mac laptop…
Gabe, Winston and Jano have been through quite an adventure. From Univ. of Miami music program (where they roomed with pandora’s own Jeff Anthony), to temp jobs and check-counting in NYC, then suddenly signed overnight to Warner, two months later in LA making record, living in Warner apartments, then 2 years on the road… but without a released CD. Got shelved when their champion left the company. It’s amazing how common this is. Somehow they kept it all together and have emerged on the other side with a lot of energy for their next chapter. Funny, kind of the same timing as Pandora… I wish them all the luck.
After waiting for what seemed like an eternity in the frigid night for a taxi, we made it back just in time for a town hall at BongoJava. Man, oh, man. What an evening. For the first time ever we had to turn people away. And that’s after Ken did a yoeman’s job packing people in.. thank god for his complete lack of interest in fire codes…
We squeezed in 40 more people after this picture was taken… it was the first town hall ‘in the round’ 🙂
I felt like we were at some underground bolshevik rally…
And a great audience. Wouldn’t expect anything less from this loving city. I met a few people who had moved to Nashville so they could hear more music. How cool is that? I couldn’t think of any other place where that’s true. And it shows. Respect for music runs deep hear. There was a ton of discussion around how to use thumbs on Pandora. A couple youngsters asked about video on Pandora. We’d love to add that… figuring out how, when. Got a decent pile of Cds from artists in attendance.
Then jetted over for the requisite Bluebird Cafe drop in. Watched a typical Nashville acoustic ‘in the round’ set from some great local singer/songwriters – Victoria Shaw, Gary Burr and Jim Photoglo.
The Bluebird was recently acquired by a local songwriting organization. Would have gone for a much higher price to a developer but the exiting owner wanted to keep the tradition alive. How cool is that? Amy thanks for letting the crew bring in the cameras. Really appreciate it.
Left Bluebird for a last set at the Mercy Lounge.. a recovered industrial brick building. The Altered Statesmen played a great alt-rock-punk-country set. Six piece band including a slide guitar and harmonium.
Then to bed… for a few hours.
Started early with a couple more interviews, Ryan at the Tennessean, then the great folks at Lightning 107 for their MusicBusinessRadioshow. Should be up in January. Great folks.
Could have talked for hours, but had to cruise over to the Hatch Print Shop (continued the interview in the car with Dave’s mobile recorder)…
…for a conversation with Patrick Keely, drummer for the Raconteurs, and founder of the Greenhorns. He’s been around the block. We talked a lot about the journey that’s brought him here. He toured for a while in a hearse… talk about paying your dues. He’s spent a year recording and getting ready for what promises to be a mad touring year with records coming out from both of his bands…
Then raced to airport… just in time for flight home. Bag way full of CDs.
Taking a break from the road over the holidays, but already planning a busy ’08 – Austin TX, Boston MA, North & South Dakota, Des Moines IA, Cleveland, Omaha NE, and many more.. Can’t wait.
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Tim (Founder)


  1. Jim
    December 29, 2007 at 11:10am
    Tim, I love the service, but what's up with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner Radio? Were you guys having a little fun? Do I dare do an artist search for Mickey Rooney? ;)
  2. joan
    January 03, 2008 at 10:17am
    Im so happy finally i found here in the net that we can listen a music for free .. Thanks for this website Pandora ... its so amazing site I can listen of my favorite music.
  3. Joe Williams
    February 28, 2008 at 10:56pm
    I'm a newbie with a Classical bent. In a bio on another site I describe myself as "a crabby old fart of 77." I live in Carlsbad CA, near San Diego. I am visually impaired but, thanks to the bells and whistles Bill Gates built into the system, I can read Web text. Now, as I slog through my news sites, I can have the company of Mozart and his contempories at my side. I get a better deal than Pandora got. Thank you.
  4. Renee
    March 08, 2008 at 6:06am
    Glad you guys made it to Nashville. You mentioned Lightning 107, its actually Lightning 100, the best radio station in the world since 93.7 the Phoenix went belly up. Keep up the good work. Cookie cutter country music doesn't deserve the spotlight, homegrown acoustic indie gets my vote. Thanks Tim.
  5. Erica Seney
    April 25, 2008 at 10:30am
    Please come and visit my school I go to Delaware Technical and Community College, our common hour is at 12-100pm so u should visit our school. phone # is 302 857-1000
  6. Lynn Chapin
    May 13, 2008 at 7:29pm
    I have never had SO MUCH FUN finding a website in my computer history. Thank you for the fabulous music.
  7. Jacey Hyde
    July 12, 2008 at 9:54am
    Today the music keeps skipping, sticking or just stopping mid-song. Even if I change stations. Is there a place to properly post this problem?
  8. sam holman
    August 06, 2008 at 4:19pm
    Tim, I set up a profile for my 89 year old father. He is bed ridden so it is a little frustrating when your web page stops the music and asks for his participation that he is incapable of doing. Would there be a way of Identifying him as senior who loves the mix of jazz classics pop that you provide without interrupting his mix? I know this wood be a help to many in his situation. Thanks, Sam
  9. kelli taylor
    September 16, 2008 at 12:17pm
    It will a tremendrous blessing if you guys would visit Madison,Wisconsin. I would love to be a part of the road trip tour.
  10. arşiv rafı
    April 08, 2015 at 11:47pm
    It was very necessary and has greatly improved

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