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From the Curators: Your Pandora Guide To The 2012 London Olympics

The London 2012 Summer Games are finally here! This year’s much-anticipated event has a number of official songs and gives us an opportunity to celebrate the rich musical history of the U.K. The Curation Team here at Pandora has come up with several station recommendations to get you pumped up for the games.

Marking the official start of the games, the Opening Ceremony concert features an artist from each U.K. country.

The final performance for the Opening Ceremony will be none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

Be sure to check out these other London 2012 musical highlights, all great seed songs for some awesome British listening:

In my next post I’ll focus on the rich musical heritage of the UK and the closing ceremony concerts. Enjoy the songs and let the games begin!

Ron (Music Curation Team)