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From the Curators: Your Guide to National Puerto Rican Day

Every June, on the second Sunday of the month, New York’s Puerto Rican community takes to the streets of Manhattan in a mass outpouring of nationalist pride and profound love for their beloved Isla del Encanto, manifested in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, a hugely prolific event that’s been taking place in the Big Apple since 1958. Also known as el desfile puertorriqueño, the parade is a mass celebration of the social and cultural contributions of the more than four million Puerto Ricans currently living in the United States, as well as the four million that still reside on the island. The day is an opportunity for the island’s diaspora, many of whom have never set foot in the Caribbean, to reflect on and honor their ancestors.

More than anything, the New York parade is a huge street party, where friends and family can let loose to the traditional sounds of bomba, plena and of course, salsa! With this in mind, Pandora invites you to dig deep in to the sabor boricua and unleash your inner coquí with these two Puerto Rican themed salsa stations!

Para comenzar la fiesta, check out our New York Salsa station, from the era that defined the sound and unleashed unto the world some of the biggest super estrellas that Latin Music has ever produced! Of course, there’s the timeless duo El Malo, Willie Colon and La Voz, Hector Lavoe.  You’ll also find The Fania All Stars, Ismael Rivera, Johnny Pacheco, Pete “El Conde” Rodríguez, Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Adalberto Santiago, Eddie Palmieri, Roberto Roena and many others!

Y para seguir bailando, mis panas, we’re offering the best in classic sounds of the island with our Puerto Rican Salsa station, featuring la crema de los salseros de borinquen! We’ve included El Gran Combo, La Sonora Ponceña, Andy Montañez, Tommy Olivencia, Conjunto Chaney, Frankie Ruiz, Eddie Santiago, Tito Rojas y muchos más!

So don’t forget, this Sunday, June 9th, raise a glass to Puerto Rico and enjoy the richness of some of the finest tropical sounds anywhere. In the immortal words of Hector Lavoe’s salsa classic, “Mi Gente,” Mi gente ¡Ustedes! Lo más grande de este mundo siempre me hacen sentir un orgullo profundo.” Happy National Puerto Rican Day from Pandora!