2015 In Dance Music On Pandora

We dug in to find out what fans of dance music liked in 2015. Check out our most-played 2015 releases across five big genres: Dubstep, Trap, Deep & Future House, Tropical House, Chill & Indie. Turns out there were some surprises!

Pub Rock: Pour Another One

Originally an underdog movement led by bands with small but passionate followings, the roots of pub rock stretch back to pubs of the United Kingdom during the early-to-mid 1970s. Bands like Brinsley Schwarz, Rockpile and Eggs Over Easy exemplify the genre of pub rock which later helped spark the sound of English punk.

Picks of the Week

Gillian Welch’s partner delivers a sophomore jewel.

1. Dave Rawlings MachineRecorded on analogue tape, Dave Rawlings Machine’s Nashville Obsolete blends timeless tones with classic songwriting that’s both familiar and surprising. Rawlings’ guitar work shines (especially in 11-minute-long epic “The Trip”), but his uncanny chemistry with Welch best exemplifies why they received a Lifetime Songwriting Achievement Award at the 2015 Americana Music Association Awards. –Eric Shea


Psychedelic threnodies and dismal euphonies.

2. Windhand

On their third album, Windhand expand even further on the lumbering dirge-doom of their debut, crafting a songsuite of lysergic heaviness that often sounds more like a heavier, slower, female-fronted Alice In Chains. The molten metal of Grief’s Infernal Flower flows hypnotically beneath Dorthia Cottrell’s haunting croon, conjuring up a bewitching doom metal otherworld. –Andee Connors
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Picks of the Week

1. Arthur Lee

The late, great, self-proclaimed “first black hippie” gets a deluxe reissue.

Before his untimely death in 2006, Arthur Lee claimed that without him, there’d be no Jimi Hendrix or Sly Stone. Sure enough, the extended Black Beauty rocks loud and funks hard. By 1973, Love was a vacuum-tight all-black band. Vestiges of their early psychedelic sophistication surface in “Lonely Pigs.” –Eric Shea


Oakland’s Shannon & The Clams continue pioneering their distinctively fun sound.

2. Shannon & The Clams

On their fourth studio album Gone By The Dawn, Shannon Shaw and the Clams draw on doo-wop, garage rock and girl groups with dark, slick and soulfully emotive vocals. Opener “I Will Miss The Jasmine” features freaky Joe Meek-esque sonic beams, paving the road for one heckuva killer album!  –Michelle Solomon

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Remembering Freeform Radio

In reference to our new genre station Classic Rock Album Tracks

“Classic” doesn’t have to mean listening to the same exact songs for the rest of your life. Hearing Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” for the trillionth time inspired me to build Pandora’s Classic Rock Album Tracks station. Don’t get me wrong; I really like Steve Miller Band. But when my local classic rock radio station plays that song seven times a day…well, its sonic patina gets moldy.


I’m a dude who was born in the early ‘70s – classic rock was the soundtrack of my youth. I remember Jimmy Page’s fierce guitar riff from “Bring It On Home” cranking from my dad’s Camaro speakers; the magical accompaniment of turning over the engine of my very first car. Today, sadly, my local station thinks that playing the reggae infused “D’yer Maker” constitutes “Getting the Led out.”
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Picks of the Week


Duran Duran is hitting all the right notes.
1. Duran DuranNew Wave legends Duran Duran are killing it with this new album. I mean, guests including Janelle Monae, Nile Rodgers and John Frusciante?! The title? Paper Gods?! And that cover art! Perfect. And the songs back it up too. “Pressure Off” is a particularly tasty slice of old school Duran Duran vibes. –Diego Gonzalez



This is the sound of a band hitting their stride.

2. Stone Foxes

Stone Foxes frontman Shannon Koehler may not listen to George Jones, but with Twelve Spells, the raspy singer seems to have taken Jones’ “write about what you know” credo to heart. These roots-rockers muse on Koehler’s multiple heart surgeries, income inequality and biblical references – spun into timeless garage rock gold. –Eric Shea


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Dad Jokes: Happy Father’s Day

As long as there have been dads, there have been dad jokes—groan-worthy quips and puns designed to embarrass sons, daughters, and anyone with good taste who happens to be in earshot.

1117_DadJokes_Insta_V1Remember taking a visit to the salon or barbershop and proudly announcing to your father that you got a haircut? Dad would take a long, hard look at your head and say “A haircut? Looks to me like you got ‘em all cut!” Or that all the times you said “I’m hungry,” only to have Dad zing back with “Nice to meet you, hungry, I’m Dad!” And of course sometimes Dad needed no prompting wax philosophical: “Without geometry, life is pointless.”
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