Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: Holly Miranda performs “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl”

Holly Miranda is a singer-songwriter from Detroit. Her folk influenced sound features a vocal-centric aesthetic with mellow rock instrumentation.
Other artists that can be heard on her station include Tegan And Sara, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Florence + The Machine. She came by and played “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl” off her self-titled album.

Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: Set It Off performs “Why Worry”

Set If Off is a pop/rock band from Tampa, Florida. Their punk-influenced sound often features basic rock song structures, varying tempo, and electric rhythm guitars.

Other artists that can be heard on their station include Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and Panic At The Disco. They came by the office and played “Why Worry” off their album Duality.


“This was such a passion project that I thought maybe it was a little self-indulgent,” says Josh Groban. “But show after show, I would meet fans and they would say ‘When are you going to do a Broadway album?’ And any time I would dip my toes into that world, they went nuts. So I thought, maybe this is actually a win-win—maybe not only is this something I really wanted to make for a long time, but the fans really frickin’ want to hear this album.”

Josh GrobranGroban, who has sold over 25 million records worldwide, sat down at Pandora’s New York City offices for an exclusive conversation about his new album, Stages. The record marks the first time that the singer has dedicated an entire project to songs that originated in musical theater. (In addition to the interview, Groban worked with Pandora worked to curate a custom mixtape, launching today, featuring his favorite songs from a wider range of Broadway
musicals.) Read More →

Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: The Lone Bellow performs “Then Came The Morning”


The Lone Bellow is an Americana/folk band based in Brooklyn, NY. Vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentation are at the center of their soulful sound. Other artists that can be heard on their station include Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and The Avett Brothers. They came by the office and played “Then Came The Morning”, the title track off their latest album.

Next Wave Woman: Nicki Bluhm

Nicki Bluhm and her band infuse timeless Americana with R&B grooves, soulful emotiveness and a pop sophistication that contrasts complex musicianship with catchy melodies. Where many rootsy musicians are content to recreate the past, Nicki’s music innovatively blends multiple elements into her own inimitable tone.

1029_Women_Leadership_NickiLike many talents of the 21st century, Nicki Bluhm was discovered on YouTube. She and her band The Gramblers are music lovers and music lifers – they even play and record songs while riding in their van between gigs. After posting a “van session” cover of the Hall & Oates hit “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),” the video is currently approaching three million views. Read More →

Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: of Montreal performs “Estocadas”

of Montreal is an alternative/indie band lead by singer/guitarist Kevin Barnes. Their style features synth rock arranging, electronica influences, use of vocal harmonies with mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation. Other artists that can be heard on their station include The Shins, Belle & Sebastian, and Arcade Fire. Kevin came by for a solo performance, and performed “Estocadas” of the album Aureate Gloom.

Next Wave Woman: Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis will make you feel lazy – like you need to be a more productive human being. The 20-year old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer/retro-future fashion icon has earned a lot of attention since the release in early January of her acclaimed EP, Por Vida, and for good reason.

1029_Women_Leadership_Kali“I find it crucial to remain true to myself, my vision, and to never compromise or let anyone take that from me,” says Uchis. Her mystifying aura, substantial musical prowess and aesthetic seem to reference every marginalized subculture of last 50 years. Already celebrated amongst diverse circles for some time now, Kali Uchis is a safe bet to soon to be a more broadly recognized phenom. Read More →

Next Wave Woman: Jacqueline Novak

It’s a great time to be a female comedian. With the rise of new media, women can steer their own career paths in innovative ways. The inventive, commanding, and very funny Jacqueline Novak is a shining example of this trend.

1029_Women_Leadership_JacquelineA former poet, Novak’s lyrical tendencies weave throughout Quality Notions. Her voice is a brassy, lilting, cocktail that’s equal parts Judy Tenuta, Amy Sedaris, and Megan Mullally, served with a twist of old-timey 1930s Gal Friday. She’s meta without disrupting her conversational delivery, flirting with established gender tropes before plunging into an alternate take so original that the audience forgets gender was ever a factor to begin with. Despite her disarming use of grammatical no-nos (ain’t is a favorite word), Novak’s fierce intellect demands to be reckoned with, whether explaining how to eat a single slice of pizza or expressing love “the hound’s way.” Read More →

Pandora Whiteboard Sessions: Bean performs “Lois Lane”

Noelle Bean is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX. Her pop/rock style feature catchy melodies, clever phrasing and smooth vocals. Other artists that can be heard on her station include Taylor SwiftBecky G, and Alex and Sierra. She came by the office and played her single “Lois Lane.”

Next Wave Woman: Tink

Trinity Home is the next woman you’ll be hearing on the bus, on TV and in the streets. Tink is her own new generation of performer, an extremely talented as a rapper, singer, actress and all around unique future sound.

1029_Women_Leadership_TinkTaking her youthful energy from Chicago to the world, Tink stands on her own with an original vocal style that grabs the listener and demands attention. Comparisons to Lauryn Hill, Missy and Tweet are apt but don’t fully describe Tink’s rare talent and originality. Read More →