New York City meetup recap…

Another great get together in NYC. Started off a little badly as we waited a half hour for the film in the theare we were using to end. One of those 4 hour French epics…
Thanks to everyone who patiently waited in the jammed lobby to be let in. Hope the free popcorn helped ease the hassle…

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Portland Maine Recap…

Great, albeit short trip to Portland. Drove the steadily more scenic I95 up from Boston.
Portland is a very picturesque town. Cold!
Thanks a ton to Nat for having us at his great ‘Space’ in downtown – and for kindly spreading the word locally. Space is a great destination for music, art and other cultural events (including a Michael McDonald concert coming soon !).
A little over a hundred folks showed up. Really felt like a true town hall. Combination of wood beams, cold weather and wonderfully friendly people…

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Phoenix, AZ recap

FInally time to catch up on the cross country swing from before the holidays – AZ, CO, DC. Kicked it off with a lovely visit to the Arizona desert. Balmy weather.
I started the day with fun visit to the Cahill Senior Center to meet with some older listeners. Was hit with caustic glances when I suggested we try a Tommy Dorsey station to start… they wanted some ‘rock stuff’, like Coldplay, U2 etc. and “some country”. “classic country?” I asked… “no, you fool, Leanne Rimes and Keith Urban..” Talk about stereotyping… guilty. Very fun to see how easy Pandora was for folks who aren’t all about technology. They talked about sharing it with their grandkids. Love it! Thanks to Diana for being such a gracious host.
Then drove over the Thunderbird – the big local business school for a chat with some energetic entrepreneurs. Lots of questions about the business model, not surprisingly…

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UC Berkeley Recap..

Another much belated recap… gradually catching up. Great to finally host a town hall meeting in what is truly our own backyard… Berkeley, CA. Not suprisingly, the group was full of ideas and irreverence.
A number of great discussions, including a lot of talk about integrating with existing collections…

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Philly Recap

Just coming up for air after a few crazy weeks. Rewinding a little… Great trip to Philly. Was picked up at the train station by some wild Australian guy, claiming to be part of a local podcasting group… wound up on theBestDamnTechShow… period for a humorous, and at times completely random segment. Always great to see these kinds of groups popping up – videographer, programmer, lighting expert, radio guy, recording engineer, spontaneously forming a creative group and launching a podcast. Good luck guys…
Drew was kind enough to drive us to the UPenn bookstore for the town hall.

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UPenn Town Hall tonight!

Tonight, I’m going to be hosting a town hall on the UPenn campus. Looking forward to an intimate discussion with passionate music lovers and Pandora listeners. If you’re free and…
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