TownHall Recap… catchup part 1

I’ve been quite remiss in the past month on the regular town hall recaps… it’s not for lack of events.
End of August was a whirlwind. St. Louis (where I heard one of the most moving comments by a listener – father who’s son had introduced him to Pandora, I got a little choked up), Minneapolis – my hometown. What a great to give a town hall full of aunts, uncles and cousins… Unfortunately, my camera was on the fritz (anyone have any pictures – I’d love to post them)…
Then spent several days in Boston at the AARP conference. Great to spend some time talking about music with our older crowd… First time we’ve had a Pandora “learning lab”. Kind of a cool new way to try.
Very glad to have Nina there to help… lots of one-on-one time.
See more pictures from the show on the next page…

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Aspen meetup recap

Tempted as I am to write this up, a picture tells a thousand words. Monk, Marie, Bill, Josh, Terry, Morgan, Mark and Rich, thanks for a lovely evening.

Pacific Northwest recap… Seattle to Portland

Brief pause in Aspen, CO (blog post to follow on last night’s meetup here), giving me a chance to catch up on some meetup recaps. Two weeks ago I had a fun swing up to the green lands of the Pacific Northwest with stops in Seattle and Portland. Both favorite destinations when I was in bands… great music scenes.
Tuesday was at the Seattle public library…

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