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An Update on Pandora in Your Living Room

Today we’re expanding again and we’re thrilled to announce that Pandora is coming to Google TV. Google TV combines the best of the web with the best of TV in one easy to use entertainment experience, giving users access to all of their favorite content from the biggest and brightest screen in their house. Google TV devices will be available in October, including a TV and Blu-Ray player from Sony and a companion box from Logitech.

Be part of a Pandora video!


Dear Listeners –

We’d like to hear – and see! – what you think and have to say about Pandora. We’re putting together a fun video piece of user-submitted videos about your experiences with Pandora: what it does for you during your day, a special moment, what it means to you, your friends, your family – anything fun or funny or special about Pandora that you’d like to tape and share and send in, please do! This can be just you, a group of friends, a class, team, office, troupe – any combination you can think of. We’ll turn them into a thoughtful, tasteful, and joyful montage of our listeners.

Of course, this great idea has a limited time frame – we need all videos in by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18TH NOON PACIFIC TIME – short time frame, we know, but we think you’re up for the challenge! Our only requirement is that you keep it clean and under thirty seconds.
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Dear Listeners,


We’ve just updated our site to make it easier for you to find and adjust your privacy settings. We thought it was important to make this adjustment to better reflect the realities of the internet today. If you’re a returning listener you’ve probably already seen a reminder about your Pandora profile page, something we’ve offered since we launched.

This reminder provides you with the immediate opportunity to see your profile, make it public, private, or learn more. If you click on ‘Learn More,’ you’ll be taken to some FAQs.
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Upcoming Town Halls in Denver and Atlanta

Hey all –

We’re having Pandora town-halls in Denver and Atlanta next week. If you’re in one of those cities and haven’t gotten your email invite, send a note to ‘’ and we’ll put you on the list.

Town halls are a big part of what Pandora is about. They continue to be wonderful opportunities for us meet and communicate directly with listeners.

We love feedback and people at Pandora events often weigh in on how Pandora should look in the future. In addition, I talk a bit about some company history, as well as a look under the hood of the music genome, and our latest thinking about the future. The questions and discussions always cover a wide range of topics – from how the music genome project works, to licensing, to the latest device updates. Everything is fair game!
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